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reputabel service providers, melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by canuck, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Just moved to Melbourne, looking for a reputbale shop to take my bike in for a service. Any advice would be great. It's also my first service on an older bike, what would I be looking at for costs providing I dont need any major work done?

  2. Your area?
  3. I live in st kilda, anywhere in surrounding suburbs or north of the city. Just lookin for a good mech.
  4. I've just got my K8 GSXR 1000 back from Charlie at Turn One in Kensington. He is totally worth traveling for. He treats the bike as if it were his, always does more than you pay for, like fixing loose throttles, fixes the odd rattle, etc.

    I was talking to a parts bloke at Peter Stevens on Friday, and said that's where I take it, but don't tell anyone here (PS), and the guy just said, quietly, no I understand totally, Charlie is really, really good.

    Not bad when the competition admits that you're worth going to...
  5. Beauty mate, I'll check him out. Cheers
  6. I called Turn 1 to try and get my bike in for a service, mate told me it would be 2 months or more after I told him the make of my bike.

    I looked in the netrider preferred partners and found Rolling Motorcycle Repairs. Drew came out to my place gave my Honda 250 vt Spada a full service while I sat on my couch and watched the cricket. Did a bang up job at the exact cost he quoted me on the phone, my bike is running beauty since and $50 of the cost of my service went towards the red cross bushfire fund. Couldn't be happier.
  7. I took my bike yesterday to brighton kawasaki, the owner actually waited nealry 30mins after clsing time for me to come pick up the bike as i was running late.

    I felt shit for making him wait, but he was ok about it.

    he said they have a loaner scooter to borrow whilst getting your bike serviced if needed.

    I think ill defintalty be going back there.
  8. I can vouch against A1 Motorcycles Ringwood.

    had a crash repair quote there, they missed some pretty obvious stuff, and when I picked up the bike again they'd lost (ie. stuck it on another bike) one of my mirrors, so I left without it and then chased them up later, and they sent me some other one, after insisting I come out and pick it up again, which I curtly refused... being that Ringwood is like 30 mins away from me.

    Generally untrustworthy. And just generally dodge. Came across like typical mechanics really.

    If it weren't for the Aprilia badge I'd go to another mech from now on.