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Repsol 2011 Casey Stoner Edition

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by restive99, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Repsol Honda.

    I've made few mods so far, Akra Slip-on, R&G Tail Tidy.

    Shorty levers and sliders are on my list next.

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  2. sexiest bike I've seen on these forums.

    nice one and congrats!
  3. Very nice mate. Love the colour coordination with the helmet
  4. +1, love those bikes.
  5. Nice wheels dude (y)
  6. Cheers bud, you made my day :)))
  7. ohhhh I like that
  8. I love the look of the repsols. Awesome.
  9. respsol replica is the only one that looks the part!
  10. It's a great looking bike.
  11. im just waiting for the beige brigade
  12. Hang on, that bike has mirrors and that rider is Casey Stoner!!!! What you trying to pull here?:-s:LOL:

    Very nice bike (y)
  13. VEry Nice bike. This could go on my upgrade wish list :)
  14. Along with every other bike you have seen in the last two weeks. :)
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  15. neighbor's got one [bastard] nice lookin bike indeeedeeee :)
  16. I know someone with one aswell, awesome bikes.
  17. amazing bike, was gonna have me one of them but couldnt justify the price.. grats on the purchase, im fully jealous :)
  18. +1. Also jealous, I will add it to my wish list.
  19. Very nice - doesn't matter how 'subjective' the styling of the Blades a Repsol one always seems to work!

    Get some sliders on it to protect that pretty fairing in case the worst happens. Ask me why I say that...
  20. Whats the going price on that thing