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Reposting bathurst run 2nd April

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Cosimo_Zaretti, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. I just noticed that my Original EOI thread had 29 views on it, and then it occured to me that getting into the correct section might mean everyone can see it.

    I want to ride to Bathurst and back from Sydney this coming Saturday 2nd of april. This is my bit of the GS500 relay around Australia organised on GStwins,

    I'm hoping to get some company along the way on whatever bike, although if I do end up doing it solo it's no big stress. It's a nice run either way. I will be leaving from the Caltex in Richmond, corner of East Market and March st at 9AM. I'm on P's unfortunately, and I don't push the pace hard. The floor is open for anyone familar with the area who wants to lead, as I'll be punting along at a pace that keeps my license safe.

    I've done some scouting with my Missus in the cage and found a route that's not too indirect, and pretty much avoids using the Great Western Highway.

    Click here for the google map

    Bells Line of Road to Richmond to Lithgow, From Lithgow we're forced to actually backtrack a few minutes back down the Great Western highway to South Bowenfells (I did say no direct routes) and then right down Magpie Hollow road through Sodwall to Tarana.

    I enjoyed the Tarana rd even in a cage. It gave my suspension a workout, and I bottomed it out pretty savagely on a causeway in Sodwall. Should be a good adventure for anyone not worried about constantly varying road surfaces and a strong chance of roadkill. There's an article about it http://www.roadrider.com.au/CustomContentRetrieve.aspx?ID=231055. I didn't stop to check out the pub though.

    There are two roads out of Tarana, I chose the one that looked most likely to be sealed all the way. There's a slightly more direct route, but my GPS was showing it has has some gravel parts, so I left it alone. The road I took comes in on the Bathurst Oberon road, and it's a bit boring from then on until you get into Bathurst and do the obligitory lap of Mount Panorama.

    Any takers? Come on Azn, you're not working now, so you have no excuse. I'll bring electrical tape if you can get the smoker to start.
  2. The 'more direct route' from Tarana from memory is all sealed, it's been a few years since I have been on it, but back then I rode it quite a few times. Rough shoulders though, but it's a nice ride (some wicked wooden bridges that look like you could jump had they been in Hazzard county)

    I strongly suggest riding through jenolan caves though, it's a bit out of the way, but well worth it. I mean, even if the road wasn't freakin' awesome, you actually ride through a cave. How many times will you do that in your life?

  3. We could come back via the caves if anyone's keen to do the loop. Ride from Bathurst to Oberon and via Jenolan and back up to the Highway near Hartley. It depends how everyone feels when we get to Bathurst. I've never been down that Jenolan caves rd, is there anyone who knows that road and wants to come along?
  4. I'd be up for this if it was on sunday.....Let me know if you are flexible
  5. i would also be up for a sunday as most saturdays are taken by work commitments.

    even if its another time, i would be very interested
  6. I'm doing the putty on sunday, but I'm happy to do another bathurst run if tomorrow's as much fun as I suspect it's going to be. I'll happily set off solo if no one wants to come along.

    Post up if you're coming and I'll make sure I stop in at Richmond, otherwise I'll just do my own thing.
  7. I originally was going to get new tyres put on my bike today, but now that has been postponed until next week. If I knew earlier I would have come along. Let us know how it goes and I'll do the trip another time!
  8. So how was it?
  9. Brilliant, I did Bells line then Tarana up to bathurst, then Oberon, Edith, Jenolan Hampton, Hartley Mount Victoria on the way back. I was going to cap it off by cutting back to Bell from Mount Victoria and having another go at Bells line on the opposite direction, but I got pretty well frozen coming up over the range after Jenolan, so I had a good long dinner break at Mount Vic to warm up, which used up most of the remaining daylight.

    Bit of a cold run back down the Great Western Highway, I felt much better after a hot bath.
  10. Fantastic! Did you have any company or end up going alone?

    If you plan on doing it again, let me know.
  11. ill go next time...if its on a Synday