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Repost: Yarra Valley winery tour - 30/01/2005

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. Well since there doesn't seem to be ride/event going on the 30th, I'm proposing this date for the reorganised ride. Same time, same meeting place, same route as previous thread.

  2. This time its going in the calender so I don't pike on you Minna!
  3. Sounds good. Count me in.
  4. Would love to come, but just remembered doing my L's on that day. Don't forget also that the Phillip Island Classic is on.
  5. I'll check my schedule (I have to do some contract work around that date) - if its clear I'll offer up my services as a support vehicle and passenger load for those people who don't want to drink and ride.

    Will confirm for you in the next day or so.
  6. As long as my legs up to a car trip and getting in and out by then, Sarah and I are in for sure :) Love the red stuff - nectar of the god's :)
  7. I can confirm for the 30th as a support vehicle - I'll prep the cage.

    Is this still going ahead?
  8. We already have a support vehicle with Jason and Sarah coming by car. :) Two cars is probably not necessary.

    Yep! This Saturday :)
  9. Minna Minna Minna, this Saturday you are going to Yum Cha my dear. This Sunday you are going on a Winery tour. What on earth would you do without me huh? :roll: :p :LOL:
  10. Oh yeah..oops :oops:
  11. Well, I won't be coming by bike, so I guess that counts me out.
  12. Ah Voyager, you can be the Western Suburbs collection car and Jay and I will be Eastern suburbs. For all those that want to purchase som goodies - we'll happily ge them home for you (for a small tax of course!!)
  13. From the Yarra Valley winery tour thread

    And yet it seems you two lasses have committed to the competing Sunday 30/Jan learner/intermediate mountain ride.

    So I, and indeed all of us, want to know, just where exactly do your loyalties lie? :?
  14. love to come but have the boy, have fun :)

  15. In actual fact Matt, my loyalties are where I want to go and therefor they lie with me :D
    For 1, it's a persons (especially a females) prerogative to change their mind and FYI I offered to go as support vehicle as I thought I had my kids that weekend. As it turns out, I don't and am therefor using my time to benifit ME and what I want to do on my kid free weekend, its the way I am. And anyway, Minna has stated that more than 1 support vehicle is unnecessary. I am NOT a wine drinker but I am a rider and on Sunday, I chose to ride :D:D
    I have already spoken to the organiser of the wine tour and explained my reasons for not going and there is no love lost there. Tell me, what has this group got to lose by me not going? Absolutely nothing!!

    Besides all that, I have organised many events/rides/BBQ's etc where I have been assured by people that they will be there and have had them not turn up (I have even catered for these people). That doesn't faze me in the slightest because as I have already said....
    It is a persons prerogative to change their mind!!
  16. I, and all of us, Matt, want to know what you are exactly asking here. Since when does Debs have to please a particular group or make claim to some idea you have of loyalty? FFS people, I can't think of one of you who has put more effort into social events than Debs and someone here has the temerity to ask some dumbass question of loyalty???? :roll:

    Tell you what, you drive mate. Problem solved. Debs and I are planning on doing this ride together (if I can make it) and if anyone has an issue with it get in touch with me.

    Matt, that was a really silly question matey. Back to your regular scheduled programming folks :LOL: :wink: .
  17. Too true, just sitting here bored out of my brains waiting for SQL Server to install and posting random nonsense. No harm intended just a bit of friendly baiting.

    That and I wanted to dump this thread to make sure it got a decent looking in verses the other ride which going like hot cakes.
  18. Change away!!!! 8)
  19. Hook, line & sinker?

    Sometimes a reply you thought of in good humour just doesn't translate very well onto plain txt on a screen. :?

    I thought you were just being sarcastic, but I don't know you and I could be totally wrong... in that case; How dare you question the loyalties of a fellow netrider! :LOL: ... lynch him!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.