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News Reports EBR Has Been Bought By Hero Motor Corp

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. The remnants of EBR went to auction earlier this week on the 21 July but until now we’ve heard no word as to the result. Unconfirmed reports have now emerged that Indian motorcycle giant Hero Motor Corp has bought the company at the auction. This shouldn’t come as too big a suprise as Hero Motor Corp owned 49% of the firm prior to the bankruptcy proceedings.

    The question is now how will Hero Motor Corp take EBR into the future? While Polaris has shown that you can make a profit building motorcycles in the USA they did so on the back of a fairly large portfolio and broad, while EBR had two products – both superbikes which are not only costly to develop, they’re not cheap to buy either.

    The likely scenario is that EBR will remain in the USA as a research and development headquarters while continuing to manufacture the high end 1190RX and 1190SX – at lease for the near future. These will act as halo models while Hero Motor Corp exports smaller Indian manufactured motorcycles into western markets.

    We’d also suggest that there will not be any racing by EBR for the foreseeable future which to be honest was a silly vanity project from Buell given the small size of his company.

    Hero Motor Corp has an exciting portfolio of motorcycles close to release, some of which were developed by Buell. Let’s hope that EBR’s technical know how and Hero Motor Corp’s business nous will finally bring the commercial success that has eluded Buell so far.

    Hero-Hastur-004-150x150. Hero-Hastur-001-150x150. Hero-Hastur-005-150x150. Hero-HX-250R-150x150. Hero-HX-250R-003-150x150. Hero-HX-250R-004-150x150. Hero-Hastur-003-150x150.

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  2. it is quite interesting , with india pushing motorcycles into the world markets , with KTM , & Triumph & Harley davidson, it seems India has found its niche into world markets through Jaguar & many motorcycle platforms
  3. If you were Eric Buell, would you put any trust in what Hero told you? Without him, the entity is of no value.
    I don't believe there was malicious intent in what happened but there was definitely amateurism in the way Hero went about it.
    But then, if you were Eric Buell, would you have any other options?