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Reporting unwelcome posts

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. A modification has now been added to the forums allowing registered users to report a post to the moderators, should you feel it is unwelcome and/or outside the guidelines of this forum.

    In the top right-hand corner of each posting is a blue square. Click on this to notify/report that post to the moderators.

    This modification also provides the moderators with more options to deal with offending posts and users.

    Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Maybe the button should actually say what it is...

    I almost pushed it out of curiosity. Mind you... it was one of cnstr's... :p
  3. bring on the yellow card!!!!!

    blue....blue is for pansies, and their un colour matched viffers :p

  4. strike 3 , your out of here :LOL:
  5. What is your strike rate on here glen. I am thinking about 2.5
  6. i have had 2 posts removed just today :LOL:
    so the blue button works by the looks of it :wink:
  7. maybe we should add a spelling bnutton just for groberts :)
  8. Hover your mouse over it and it does
  9. mine says "upset admin with trival gripes" :LOL:
  10. Would that be something along the lines of .... "my posts count went down during the resync and I'm not happy, Jan!!" ??? :LOL: :p :LOL:

    Either way, it'll be sure to earn you a yellow card and accumulated banning in nothing flat :p Coffee's brought for me could redeem oneself though. :)
  11. you gotta turn up to get the coffee's :LOL:
    but its going to cost me a fortune on coffee night by the looks of things :LOL:
  12. I would like to add that Vic's little exercise did not go unnoticed and that it is appreciated by other users, no doubt some don’t realize it but I certainly do.

  13. nupe!! :p

    not with firefox

    and does it give you a "do you really want to report this post " "yes/no" warning once you pressed it?

    the phantom blue button pusher
  14. Guess the thought police will be coming for me!
  15. Well this was a resounding failure - I hit the blue button on an offensive post to get a badly spelt message saying no moderators on this site so your report cannot be sent!
  16. But is a badly spelt message offensive?
  17. That would greatly depond on what was spelt badly