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Reporting unroadworthy pizza scooters

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattb, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Just googled but am still unclear about who to report this to. I live in carlton (Melbourne), near a Dominos, which has about eight pizza scooters constantly on the go - one goes past every time I step outside! Their tail-lights are almost always (years now) not working, and I suspect their employees are a little too desperate for the $10 per hour before tax (really!) to complain, but the negligence about this matter is putting these guys at risk, and I thought I'd report it to a safety authority, but I can't work out to whom or where. Anybody know?

  2. Let the local cop-shop know, and they'll go start booking them.
  3. Workcover
  4. Both but the local cop shop would be a good start (unless they get cheap pizzas from that shop).......
  5. Why not go to the owner of the shop first?
  6. That was my first thought, however - and maybe I'm getting cynical as I age - I can't bothered being told to go shove it :)
  7. Worksafe (VIC) 1800 136 089 :)
  8. some scooters have a headlight off switch. Are you sure the lights are broken or are teh headlights (and hence forth tail lights) just turned off?
  9. Ring the owner, tell him you're a loyal customer and you're concerned about his liability if one of his contractor/employees gets hurt riding undroadworthy bikes. Stress the "his liability" issue.

    If he tells you where to go, you would be justified in reporting it wherever you want. The local Police, or WorkSafe Victoria might both take an interest. Even if the Police do get their pizzas there, they will at the least talk to them and suggest it be corrected.
  10. work safe vic.

    as OHS law now says. Workplace safety is EVERYONES responsibility. you have noted it so you should inform them. The riders should be performing saftey check at least at the start of each shift and probably should be filling out logbooks of some kind like the way you do each time you hop in other kinds of machinery IE EWP's forklifts boomlifts etc.

    I think what you should do is send an email to dominos. That way you can reference a date that you could show to worksafe if they ignore it.

    I would write that you are a concerned customer. And would like to inform them. THey may already have procedures and standards in place for this which just arent being inforced due to neglagence or in most cases pure laziness. If they dont reply in a timley manner. Id say a week to give them time to investigate. Then i would go to worksafe. Letting them know you have informed dominos of the saftey risk aswell as the fact they are riding unroadworthy vehicles. Then let them pursue it. Worksafe should give you a resopnce and resolution once the issue has been resolved.

    This is what i remember from my breif time on the OHS commitee at my old job.

    Let us know how you go.

  11. well what was the outcome?
  12. Maybe that is the real problem :wink:
    +1 go here pick a name, email is first name DOT last name @ web address . They so much care about their image and worksafe, that they might even kick that franchisee out, which is maybe the ultimate goal here? :LOL: