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Reporting to the police

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RJ45, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. So I was riding home today and this woman driving in a civic pulls out from the parking lane (left lane) without indication, not checking blind spot, and even when I beeped, she continued on not giving way.

    She totally disregarded my presence, with a kind of a "meh... i cbf'ed expression"

    I have it on helmet cam and the video clearly shows her not indicating when turning from her lane, and failure to give way...

    Anyways... since I got it on helmet cam, with plates visible... I am considering of report it to the cops.

    Just wondering if i should? or if there's anything that i should i should know about prior to approaching the cops...

  2. I'd report it, people as ignorant and dangerous at that need to be dealt with
  3. I hate being a "dobba" for anything, except pricks that try to run over me, so go for it..
  4. Well... I just rang my local cop shop and told the cop my situation... he asked if an accident had happened and i said no... and told me that he was not interested and essentially not to worry about it...

  5. The cops will either:
    1) Caution her, probably. They're unlikely to issue her with a fine, as it relies on your evidence, and you're unlikely to take a day off work to go to court to testify if she contests it.
    2) Do nothing.

    Use her plate and report her to the EPA for littering, if you just want to cause her some grief.
  6. As long as she wasn't speeding I can't see what she did that would have endangered your life, that would warrant the police needing to investigate it :bolt:
  7. no, it was slow speed because it's in a shopping area.

    What really ticked me off was even she continued not to give way even though she saw me when i had beeped...
  8. go to ACA and tell them the police weren't interested in someone breaking road rules. I remember they ran that big story of using peoples mobile phone videos to charge people doing burnouts
  9. aiii...either that or i've just had a bad day....
  10. Video dobbing is something I feel should be avoided unless there is need (eg. crash occured).

    Otherwise just take it upon yourself to politely let her know she nearly killed you. Or just leave a boot print in her vehicle.
  11. You're right we should let car drivers run us off the road and cut us off time after time while they continue to work with the powers that be to make us out to be criminal hoons.
  12. Chalk it up to experience and get on with your life. There will be other, more worthy opportunities to which to devote your energies.
  13. completely agree, if every cager started recording bikes on weekend there would be very few of us left on the road come sunday night, yep it suxes if your that unhappy take a mirror as a trophy
  14. Look up the local TOG's or TMU and ring them. GD'coppers really can't be arsed with traffic matters, but the TMU are especially bent about traffic matters so are likely to be more motivated.

    They SHOULD ask what you want to do. You say, you're inclined to press charges unless you know that she'll receive a warning or visit from the TMU and that she's told that she's lucky the rider wont press charges despite having video evidence.

    They'll take your details and a phone number and then the car's details and descrpition of the driver. A good TMU coopper will call you back in 5min to confirm that the details do/don't match the rego. If it's in another region, they might bump you over to that region or else at least pay you lip service and tell you that they'll drop in on the driver.
  15. What's TMU/TOG?

    (yes i have googled it and couldn't find the answer)
  16. Get used to it. I stopped at an accident one day where a guy had crashed his bike. He got taken away in an ambulance, cops were not the least bit interested. Unless its an accident with a fatality or sever injury the cops are just not interested.

    This type of shit used to upset me, now I just shrug it off and keep riding. It does not piss me off anymore. Best way to be. Ride to survive, expect every cager to drive like that. There is no respect on the roads these days, even when you are in your cage.
  17. Exactly.
  18. Oh, we call them 'Bastards'.