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VIC Reporting reckless police behaviour – Best method?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by LineNoise, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows the best method of reporting some truly idiotic behaviour by Victoria's Dimmest in the vague hope the officers in question might actually get the bollocking they deserve?

    OPI alone? Senior officer at the station as well? Other options?

    I won't go into too many details before the complaints in but I was stopped this morning in a manner and position that could have very easily killed myself, one of the officers and any other poor sod that they pulled the same stunt on had the cards fallen differently.
  2. I would ring the officer's station and ask for the name of the person in charge of that officer. Then I would write to the OPI and copy to that person at the station, and probably to the officer as well.

    I've seen some truly stupid stunts by officers to get me to stop at roadside breath testing. This one must have been really good!
  3. I came very close to being cleaned up out by an idiot cop on the Eastern a couple of years ago. I was in the right lane and he was in the middle medium strip and had spotted a single occupant car using the transit lane. The cop did an out of control fish tail as he tried to merge into my lane and chase down this car .....missed me by a bees dick. I fumed for a few days and did nothing about it preferring to continue with my apathetic existence.
  4. I was almost taken out by a police car cutting from a right turn only lane across two lanes of traffic - to pull into a KFC drive-thru.

    That was the day I stopped listening to anything the Police say about road safety.
    Edit: Oh and had I lived in a major city I definitely would have reported it. But I know what happens to people who make complaints about cops in country towns, and didn't really fancy being pulled over for "random" roadworthy inspections every other day.
  5. The police are beyond and exempt from the laws of this country,
    They can do what ever they want to,
    The laws just dont apply to them.
  6. hehe. Had one kid with no idea telling me my riding was dangerous when I was making myself a visible object.

    Had another guy jump out into middle lane from a side street in a 90's falcon, left lane was stopped and he just pushed across straight into mine. I let known my displeasure and at the next lights he jumps out flashes his badge and asks if I had a problem with his driving.
  7. I've put complaints in writing to the police about a similar issue, hiding down sidestreets with radar then jumping out into the middle of the (busy, 3 lane) road to pull a motorist over. The car was forced to come to a very abrupt stop, the half dozen cars behind nearly went into each other. Response was along the general lines of 'yes police do complete speed checks along that area and it is necessary for road safety'

    These retarded highway police are here to keep our roads safe and maintain traffic flow. However their efforts are so misguided their actions are contrary to their purpose.
  8. Catching their behaviour on helmet-cam or bike-cam would be a real bonus.

    Then mass media, like youtube, becomes a great equaliser.
  9. As has been said, ring the station if you know which one the vehicle came from is better, speak to the person in charge at the time.
    Explain what you have seen, in a calm and careful method.
    Ask for it to be followed up, and you may be surprised to get a positive answer / result.
    I did it awhile ago, the officer in charge also rang me back explaining why the unmarked car was "foot to the floor" speeding in a 60km/h section of road, no lights or siren going.
    I responded by saying that most of the general public would have only seen that a "normal" car was hooning / speeding, and if the circumstances where correct, the driver should have acted differently, by the way of lights / siren.
    Officer in charge agreed, and said they will follow up and speak to driver again.
    If they did or not, who knows....
  10. I rate this - a few examples making their way to prime time (today tonight et al) would be enough to have police in all states put on notice.
  11. If it's just poor form you are complaining about then get the name of the station commander and write to him. You will need to go at least a couple of levels above him to get through the mentality of watching each others back. The shift sergeant won't be high enough in the food chain.

    If it's dubious conduct, then find out if there is an ombudsman in Victoria. I'd be suprised if there isn't.
  12. Unfortunately with regards the ARRs you are right. This, however, is only more reason to expose the abuse of power and responsibility. We might then see a winding back of the high level of power that modern cops now wield.
  13. There is. Back when I used to know something about this, most police complaints referred to the Ombudsman were passed on to Police Ethical Standards Branch to investigate. But this still had the advantage that they had to report back through the Ombudsman so you had an extra layer of scruitiny.

    I suspect it's still pretty much the same.
  14. Cop or not, I would have told hom exactly what I think of his driving. Bloody arrogant dipshit.
  15. that'd get you shot, maybe if your lucky you won't get cap sprayed first....

    well at least in Victoria.

    Queensland Cops (allegedly) just wait till your in lock up then beat the life out of you.
  16. Oh go away Spambot. No one wants your shitty insurance.