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VIC Reporting mobile phone users to VicPol

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Salt n Vinegar, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. G'day guys,

    A question to all, I see a lot of mobile phone users while riding around and was wondering if you think VicPol would bother acting on my action camera recordings if I was to walk into a station and show them. I see mobile phone users everyday I ride and I'm kind of.. sick of it. After reading some very sad events, I want to try and make a meaningful impact by hoping that VicPol act on what I show them. Given I have the time, I'd really feel good about it if they even looked at it.

    If I was to show them, (and the licence plate of the car) would they bother to send them a fine? Do you think they'd just say thanks, please forward it to "x@vicpol.com.au" or whatever and not bother?

    I dunno, I feel like I could do something more meaningful than watch drivers put all our lives at risk,


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  2. Interesting question. I nearly had a collision with some wanker talking on his phone at a roundabout. Holding it in his right hand, no less. How the hell did he think he had any hope of seeing anything coming from his right? It was only my action that saved me. Bastards, all of them.
  3. Why bother. It will have no impact ot change anyone's behaviour

    They might just fine you for what they see on your video.
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  4. Have to disagree, fines have changed my driving habit's in the past, also of those around me.
    The size of the video's recorded means I would have to edit them to only include the bits they need to see.
  5. You could start a bad driver shame page
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  6. Got me thinking!
  7. I don't think its a bad idea, not sure VicPol would do anything unless there is serious media attention on it though.

    Maybe some sort of social media "wall of shame", although I think these are prone to abuse and don't always turn out as planned. I don't really know, I don't use either faceplant or twatter.

    Personally I'd love a system that did hit drivers with a fine for mobile phone use. Might actually have some effect in stopping these muppets.

    Edit: Ninja'd by HillsyHillsy lol
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  8. there's already one dobbing site...
    Dobadriver Main Page

    Now you can check if you're on that register :)
  9. Before you start showing shots of people and rego plates on social media you need to be very, VERY sure of your facts or you may end up on the wrong end of a law suit. Often these things target the wrong person and only stir up some vicious nut cases.
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  10. What's that saying about casting the first stone?. Big risk here if motorcycle riders start a car drivers "wall of shame". In response, wall of shame (videos) of motorbikes passing cars over single and double lines in the hills would start appearing more quickly than one would expect. And such motor bike videos would get some serious media attention at the moment given the current statistics.

    Just let the cyclists and car/truck drivers continue to battle it out.
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  11. what a prime example of how not to set up a web page...lost interest in seconds due to the overload of information. good idea though.
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  12. Could be a real can of worms as has been suggested, could always do what I did a while ago when I still had the K1600GT, bloke in a ute in the lane ahead of me was swerving all over the place, snuck up beside him in the other lane and sure enough phone against his right ear, got as close as possible and hit the horn, wasn't quite quick enough to catch the phone as it flew out the window :ROFLMAO:, he slapped the right hand back on the steering wheel, didn't look at me just kept staring ahead, don't know whether he went back to look for his phone after I turned off a little way up the road, absolutely made my day (y)
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  13. fcuking lol
  14. Got to wonder...how many of these 'reports' are the self righteous twats that cause 1/2 the bloody problems in the first place..

    you know the ones...
    * sit in the right hand lane at slightly below the speed limit, and then get all indignant when you go around them.
    *or they go just fast enough in a section with an overtaking lane so that you cant legally get past them and then slow down again after the overtaking lane ends, and then get all indignant when you go around them....
    *or they change lanes in front of you taking up your safety buffer (when I drive heavy this one really shits me ) and then they complain when the b double they've just done that to squashes their piss ant little shitbox when they suddenly brake hard 2 seconds later.
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  15. Probably some of them are... that's why venting sites don't work.
    There is a provision for attaching video/photos which might provide clarity to some cases .. not saying that it's a good idea to post on that site - this is really a police matter and the patrol units should be monitoring bad behaviour instead of checking people doing 3kmph above the limit on a downhill section on an empty road... but hey's it's a revenue thing....
  16. While it's my pet hate, people using phones or GPS' while driving, and I think anyone who does it should be charged with attempted manslaughter, as a minimum, I very much doubt the cops will do anything with the information you give them.
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  17. We have rang the cops regarding rsoles hooning in our streets (50km streets). Kids playing and riding bicycles, quiet street...then they decide to come hooning down the road doing double the limit. God help any kid or animal or whatever!!! the cops didn't give a toss...still here the turd roaring around...gave them number plate and street where they live...what more did they want????
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  18. If you took the footage to the Police and you wanted something done with the footage, you would have to provide a statement of when it occurred, where it occurred and what you saw etc. You have to give this evidence in case the footage is not allowed to be admitted in court for whatever reason.

    The police won't just someone the fine. The first Point of Proof is ID.

    They'd have to look up the rego on their computer system and either; if out of the area,send another copper around to speak the registered owner about the offence or find out who was driving (if not the registered owner). If that was the case then again another copper to go speak to the driver and take a question them. Or next time they aren't in the watch house and have time go and do the above themselves again if they have time.

    If they do go to all that trouble, and give out the fine and the fine is contested at court, you will have to attend court to give evidence.

    So besides the Police probably not doing anything, (at best you may get one that rings the registered owner and says don't do it again) ask yourself would you be willing to go to court every time it was contested?

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  19. Victoria has a Dob-in-a-Litter that's run by your EPA, it has 80,000 reports from the public each year. They're already geared up to send out fines and have access to the Rego database Just sub-contract the "on the phone dob-in" to them, they seem to enjoy their work and the police don't need to do a thing. Stroke of a pen by the legislators and all sorted.

    Report litter thrown from a vehicle | EPA Victoria
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