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Reporting dangerous drivers...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tenoq, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any success reporting dangerous or life-threatening drivers to the police?

    On the way home from the office tonight had a nutter in a 4WD (dark blue Nissan Patrol, number plate RUCKUS) try to wipe me out by swerving in front of me after he passed me. No doubt in retaliation for some perceived wrong on my part (but I'm buggered if I know what I did wrong). That said, it's morons like these that fail to realise just how dangerous their behaviour is, and what the consequences of their actions might be. It was a tosser just like this guy that deliberately hit me a couple of months back on the freeway, then failed to stop - I ended up with a nasty repair bill and a few weeks in plaster. Both of them are using their vehicles as a weapon, and in my opinion it's attempted murder: at the very least, intent to cause serious bodily harm.

    So what do you do? Is it worth reporting this sort of thing to the police? I'm rather skeptical that they would even bother following it up, but if you have a success story I'd like to hear it. I'm rather disillusioned with our law enforcement and justice system at the moment. :roll:
  2. I would report it. Time it happened. Where. Number plate. What they did etc. They may not act now but one day as more people report stupid drivers will come back on them if they get pulled over.
  3. mm that age-old question....

    Lots of luck, matey. I reported (to Nunawading Police Station, to a Constable Edmonson, as I recall) the hostile activities of a daft Croydon bogan in trying three times to run me off the road.

    For my troubles I was reported in the Yarra Valley News as having stalked this maniac bird and threatened her. HER lies, made to the Police on a mobile phone while she was driving, were recorded, while the internal communication mechanisms of the Victorian Police seems to be so inadequate as to prevent matching of two reports of what was obviously the same incident :roll:
  4. Paul grow up, they invented knives for a reason (for slashing such people's tyres)

  5. You didn't get a number plate for that guy or anything?!??!

    I would ruin someone's life if they did that to me.
  6. If you can get another to back up your story then you may have more luck, otherwise it's your word against theirs.

    The cops DO act on reports such as this, and quick! I was on the other end of it a few years back.
  7. You're in Vic mate, dob them in as a hoon. Apparently attempted vehicular murder < hooning
  8. I wish - I was too busy sliding on my face down the freeway @ 100km/h. :p

    And trust me, I had plenty of unsavoury thoughts about what I would do to the bastard if I found out who he was. :evil:

    Anyway, thanks for the tips guys. I've dobbed in drivers before - but never heard anything further. Don't have any witnesses in this case, but it might be worth it nonetheless.
  9. It all depends on how far YOU want to take it. If you are prepared to attend the Police Station and give a signed statement that indicates an offence and are prepared to attend Court to back up said statement then you can go the whole hog. Too many people (not saying this is you) ring up the cops all fire and brimstone like and when push comes to shove go "Oh, I just want him spoken to. I don't want to go to Court or anything...". That gets about the level of attention it deserves frankly.
    Occasionally we get the drongo who insists we charge the other driver without wanting to give a statement. I'd love a dollar for every time I've heard "Why do I have to give a statement? Just charge the *&(^%$!!"
  10. Yes, complaints are followed up (at least in SA).

    A mate of mine had a knock on the door from the local CIB late one night after a road rage incident where he was reported as being a bad boy to some nerd who cut him off in a car and nearly killing him.
    He threatend to knock seven shades of s**t out of the guy etc etc so the guy put in a complaint to the cops about it. It got pretty ugly by the sounds.

    My advice is don't threaten people.
    Personnal threats in the eye of the law = bad.
    Boxing smart and using the system = good.

    Rather than going mental at the guy he simply should have shut up and gone directly to the local police station and put in a dangerous driver report.
  11. ...

    Even if you give a statement you gotta look at it form an evidence view point.
    for the charges to stick at court it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt so if it comes down to your word against his it can be quite hard.
    Assaults, car accidents etc etc generally leave a form of evidence behind be it bruising, panel dmg etc.
    If it were civil all good because then your just trying to prove the balance of probabilities ie. who ever gives the best story or most feasible story.

    Don't let me stop you from reporting though... but in the end i think your better off talking to the local traffic coppers and letting them know. At least they have the time to follow it up usually most uniform coppers will probably just tell you as i've said above.
  12. Yes the magic words are "I want to report an offence and I am prepared to appear in court" And if you wrote down what happened asap including numbers this carries some significant weight. "I made contemporaneous notes at the time of the incident or as soon after as was possible:" Also any other evidence. "The driver of a (description rego) was there and must have witnessed the whole thing " if you are sure it will support you won;t hurt.

    If you aint prepared to go to court the cops will have no time for you. Can you blame em?
  13. Forget the system.

    Slow careful revenge is the best. Removing the driveshaft on 4wds is easy, and puts a dent in their day

    BUT - make sure you get the right person - otherwise you are the asshole if you get the wrong person - ie borrowed car etc
  14. Throw 100s of the Netrider magnets at his car....

  15. Yeah I know where you're coming from. Same thing about complains in general. When people ring up to complain about how badly the prog doesn't work for them and how they haven't received any support with it, etc. they aren't looking for me to help them, they just want to whine about it for a while, not wanting it to be put onto someone higher (ie. do something about it). I've learnt just to be say something along the lines of ok what I can do is do my best to resolve the problems that you have right now, etc. and saying 'yes I've taken down everything you've said and will forward it to xyz personnel.'
  16. muhaha love it!
  17. My version of that 'yellow card' would have different words on it...
  18. This magnet has been coated with a thin film of Motul RBF600, the fluid which played a role in my motorcycle only just avoiding you and your idiotic driving. Further to this, it has now eaten away at your paint, serving as a reminder and financial incentive to quit driving like a f*#kwit.

    Much love,
  19. No success when I initially rang Police after some punk purposely rammed
    me twice.

    So he got an elbow to the head then followed him to the cop shop. :LOL:
  20. I was harassed by a guy down FTG Rd one day. On my way home, I stopped at Glen Waverley police station and reported it to them. They said there's not a huge amount they can do, but they would drop in at the address and let them know a complaint had been made. I had a call back saying that they had been 'round. I guess it's better than nothing.

    I would report it.