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Report: Rossi to Ferrari in 2007

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dan, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Here we go again...



    Italian newspaper La Repubblica has claimed today that Kimi Raikkonen and Valentino Rossi have both signed to drive for Scuderia Ferrari in 2007.

    La Repubblica reports that Rossi - who has already tested an F1 car several times for Ferrari - will sign an 80 million euro, three year contract with the Scuderia, to run from 2007-09. Rossi - nicknamed ‘The Doctor’ - is one of sports most flamboyant characters and a marketing dream ticket, and has attracted legions of new fans to MotoGP dazzled by his antics and personlity. Ferrari’s major sponsors’ are believed to be very anxious to get him on-board, with Marlboro (if they continue retain a presence after tobacco advertising is abolished) and mobile phone giant Vodafone, both expected to stump up towards his wages. The 26-year old Italian - who recently signed a one year extension to his MotoGP Yamaha contract to take him up to the end of the 2006 season - would have to terminate the existing mobile phone deal he currently holds with Telecom Italia in order to join Ferrari.

    No sources are cited in the newspaper report.

    From Italiaspeed
  2. Hey Marty,

    I agree with you... But, I did see on Sunday that he was under 2 secs of Schue's lap record and apparently the F3 drivers moving into F1 run about the same times.....

    You never know..... He is Italian, he is small... :D
  3. Is that really why he has attracted fans? I was never drawn by that - I was drawn by his skill at riding a bike! He is just impressive to watch when on his game.

    As for f1 - regardless of how he does he will be a huge drawcard for funding etc. And I do think he is a person that likes a challenge as well (thus his move from Honda to Yamaha) - although money has to be included in the challenge of course.

    I wonder if Burgess will move with him again? :)
  4. Have you noticed though, Ferrari has a habit of not signing Italian drivers. They seem to lack the cool head of say, a German driver... There are some amazing Italians behind the wheel when they're having a good day, but consistency is important too.
  5. But there is a big difference between between stringing together one or two laps at close to Shuey's lap times and being able to do it constantly over a 90 minute F1 race remembering a Moto GP runs for just over 30 minutes.

    There have been a few riders cross over to 4 wheels and been successful in F1 and of course Wayne Gardner & Greg Hansford to name two locals who went V8 racing in Australia after giving away bike racing. I'll wont mention the time Barry Sheene crashed Peter Brock's Sierra at Winton in testing several years ago to keep this thread a positive one :p
  6. Having an Italian driver at Ferrari has always been the "kiss of death". There's just so much expectation from the fanatical Italian press.

    I have no doubt he could cut it. I mean look at Raikkonen. He came to F1 with virtually no racing experience and is contending for the championship in just a couple of years.

    Having said that, anything thats sees the cheating German out of F1 is fine by me.
  7. Silly season seems to start earlier each year... :?
  8. And this one's about as silly as they come!!

    I still maintain that, if Rossi goes anywhere on 4 wheels, it will be to the WRC, not F1.
  9. I agree it seems a little over inflated, however, 80m euro over 3 years isnt that unusual. Rossi in a ferrari running dead last is worth more to the ferrari marketing dept than say someone with the personality of a wet fish running around in first place.
  10. I reckon he'll go where the biggest $$$ are offered to him.
  11. Well....I'm going to disagree there.

    Rossi's never been in the game for the money. Yes he gets paid heaps and no doubt enjoys the trappings of his success, but he has always maintained that he's in it for the FUN, and it will be the fun factor, rather than the money that will determine his next career move as well.
  12. personally i believe if he was to join f1 with ferrari he wouldn't finish last as there are worse cars, as i believe those cars aren't equal anyway so an "average" driver in a good car will still finish in and average position. Thats also saying that rossi will only be a average driver, which i find that also hard to believe... but hey, personally i would like to see him switch to f1.....
  13. Agreed, the man said it himself in many interviews; that if he were to take up the 4wheel challenge, it would be in a rally car not an open wheeler.
  14. So all that press about him demanding $16m to ride a bike was untrue? I think hes very much in it for the money, as well as the status, and enjoyment gained from riding.
  15. Given that Valentino LOVES rally driving (which is way more fun that F1 IMO) so if the money wasn't an issue, I reckon he'd be doing that...

    WRC makes F1 look very boring.
  16. AND, in Europe, WRC actually gets better TV coverage than F1 does!!!