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NSW Report recommends 24/7 school zones

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/national/report-calls-for-24-7-school-zone-fines/story-e6frfkvr-1226309359465

    I can't really see a logical reason why a zone designed to protect children going to and from school should be 24 hours. The 24/7 South Australian example does not make sense at all.

    Edit: My title reflects that of the article ie: 24/7 not 24 hour, but it might be a little misleading.
  2. 22928fb8a32.

    Anybody think of any other reason for this which isn't complete bull?
  3. If school is in session, there should be flashing yellow lights to advise drivers of the lowered speed limit and possibility of children doing stupid shit. I'm 30 years old, and neither have nor particularly like children, so I don't know when the sextrophies are in session, thus making the "…when school is in session"-based signs ridiculous.

    If school is not in session, there is no reason to lower the speed limit there.
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  5. oh good. that'll make the Great Western Highway even more fun.

    You're exactly who the recommendation is about, grue~

    They don't seem to bother justifying not just expanding the use of the cheap and effective yellow flashers though, zzz. *rereads in case he missed it*
  6. ... and that was quick, yay.
  7. Same thing as school zones still being applicable before the school has come back or after they've already broken up for the holidays, especially when they've got a speed camera right out the front too.. The one outside Knox on the the Pacific Highway is a particularly dumb one, as they're a private school they knock off about a whole week or two before anyone else yet you still have sit through the 40 zone while the entire area is devoid of any pedestrians.
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  9. well what about the kiddies who like to vandalise their schools after hours
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  10. Read about this earlier today.. who comes up with these far fetched retarded ideas?

    When school is out there is no kids... so no danger posed to kids.. children should be taught how and when to cross the road.. and no ball games should be played near roads.. therefore no kid is going to go run across a busy street, to fetch said ball and get hit by a car.

    but nooooo its not the kids fault they were running across the road, its the vehicles fault for speeding, there was some talk about lowering it to 30kph.. i cant see why 24/7 30kph hour speed limits would even be worth it..

    and then speed cameras... if you went past a school doing 60kph, and the limits 30.. thats a lot of coin and demerits.

    Retarded idea..
    Revenue raising..
    Won't actually solve anything..
  11. There must be some kind of competition between the states as to who can get the lowest vote. Roads are there for vehicles and footpaths are there for people.
  12. I have stopped using a road which was on my commute which has an estended 40kph zone due to a kindergaten on it. I stopped using because i figured sooner or later the cops would set up radar and I was not going to be the one getting caught, meanwhile though i got sick of cagers sailing up my bum at 60 or 60+ while I was doing the limit.

    Meanwhile I have never ever seen a kid walking anywhere near the zone. They are caged their by their mums who drop them off and then speed away at 60.
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  13. Agree its the family wagons that are the ones that are the issue. You should lose your family payment for a month if you get caught speeding in a school zone, that will fix the issue.
  14. Kids are generally only supposed to be on our school grounds (school or care) 8am - 6pm, although there are occasional exceptions. Given the wacky timetabling that some schools employ it's pretty difficult to know when they will be around during those hours, but outside of them, the schools are deserted.

    Quite happy to have clearly marked school zones in those hours, but outside them, it's venal bullshit.
  15. Some one came up with this idea in SA a few years back.

    Until that time SA school crossings had the standard yellow flashing lights with a 25kmh limit on the approach section between crossing and limit sign. Once you cleared the crossing normal speed limit applied. The students themselves (three of) monitored and controlled the crossing both before and after school for about 30 mins.

    Two kids had a stop sign (one each side of the road) and one had the control by use of a whistle. Unless traffic was unusually heavy it was usual practice not to stop traffic but wait for a large gap in the traffic. Also buses/trucks etc were never stopped at least at the school I went to. During the years school kids ran this system no accident or loss of life occurred at one of these crossing as far as I can remember.

    Now we have 24/7 25kph (note rest country has 40kph) school zone the length of the school fenced area on both sides of every road in SA but it only applies while kids are on the footpath. To and from school during the week I don't have a problem with and I don't think most do.

    So what can happen anytime outside school hours. One example.

    Well, lets say you drive/ride along side a school 2pm Sat afternoon, not a soul on the footpath and your doing the right thing, 50kph and suddenly little johnny blogs walks out of his yard onto the footpath and you could pinged just like that.
  16. these have been in Vic for at least 7 years. There are even designated 40 school zones outside high schools, if a teenager can't look both ways before crossing a way a 40 zone isn't going to protect them