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Replacing Watepump Seals ktm 525(the Ben way) pics as usual

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by slickncghia, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Whenever i do something slightly tricky i try to take pics and write a little docco so that if anyone ever has to do it they might find it
    (and any possibly usefull tips when doing a google search).
    I did this yesterday and have done about 10km on the bike since and it seems ok but i will update if i realise ive stuffed something

    Note: The "Ben Way" is not necissarily the "Right way" :p also be careful of metal parts...i always have to stop myself before i get over zealous forcefully
    removing something before i damage something (i think i got away unscared this time though)


    This will obviously be slightly different for different bikes, but the concept should be pretty simmilar.

    Mods: plenty of pics but they are thumbnailed and hosted on another site. pm me if you want me to reduce the number. CLICK FOR BIGGER PICS

    Ok first you are gonna need:

    a Bike: Check


    Parts: Gasget, 2 seals and 2 o-rings. cost ~$32 plus ~1L of coolant, some sealent (suzi bond or simmilar) and some waterproof grease if possible
    (i forgot to put it on lol) oh and Beer :beer:


    Oh yeah... you actually need a reason to do this :p
    The waterpump seals were leaking. telltale sign (coolant dripping from the drainhole)


    This is the spare parts manual...it was the only manual that had anything close to a brakedown of this...that i could find.
    however its not necissarily 100% schematically correct as i shows seal #2 facing the wrong way


    ok remove the coolant drain plug and the filler plug and coolant should piss out all over the place so have your bucket ready.
    so you dont end up with cooland all over the shop :tantrum:


    Ok once all your coolant is in your bucket or on your floor 8-[ then you can remove the waterpump cover. remove the bolts and simply pull it and the gasget off.

    Make sure you clean all the gasget residue off the cover and the case so that when you put your new one on it seals properly.
    I used a clean(new) green kitchen scourer, which worked well and wont damage the metal surfaces


    Now spen 10mins buggering arround trying to remove the stupid circlip on the end of the shaft that secures the impella.

    Then remove the impella and the securing pin that sits behind it (keep it handy...will explain later)

    Then you want to remove the seak carrier which contains the 2 seals.
    the 2 seals are sitting back to back in the centre with about a 5mm air gap in between.

    The trick to do this is to place(screw) 2 small screws in the small holes that only go about 1/2 way into the seal carrier
    (thanks ktm guy for telling me that or i wouldve sat there for an hour working how to get the thing out).
    once your 2 screws are in then use some pliars or something to pull it out.


    Then use any and every tool you can find and all the moxy and injinuity that you can muster to get the seals out.
    eventually got them out tapping them through using a socket bit. Just before i resorted
    to some sort of big saw and hammer contraption that was held together with cable ties and electrical tape


    I Stopped taking photos at this point...but ill make it nice and short

    Delecatley fit 2 new seals back to back. Use a little suzi bond around the outised of the seals to hold them firmly and watertight.

    It would also be a good idea to smear some waterproof grease on the outside of the seals. But i forgot...and its not neccisarrilly necissary :grin:

    then remove the 2 orings from the slide carrier (if you havent already) and bung your new ones on. Give them a light oil beforehand

    Slide the carrier back over the shaft and tap it into place using another socket bit :wink: making sure it lines up as it should

    Put back the bloody locking Pin. I forgot, put it all back together and was cleaning up when i found the locking pin in my screw holder :oops: so back appart it came :mad:

    Put back the impella and circlip.

    Put your new gasget on the cover. put a little suzi bond on the big flat surface on each the case and cover to seal it nice.

    Whack your cover back on and do up the bolts

    Whack in your new coolant making sure you spill some of this too...this time green. My garage was looking like christmass at this stage :LOL:

    And thar she blows. I took her for a testride last night and it seemed right: no dripping, will give her another go now :biker:

    Read your manuals, talk to your parts guy, ask peoples help and give it a go ffs. Its part of the Joy of motorcycles.
    if you stuff it up, take it to a shop and you will have learnt a lesson at least. :p

    Doing it myself saved me about $60 (not much to sum but with bikes it all adds up)...so if i buggered it up i can do it again and still be cheaper :LOL:
    and it was allot better spending 2hrs in the shed with a beer :beer: than trailering/riding my bike to a shop and being without it for a few days.

    any comments welcome.

    Cheers guys
  2. Guess there's only one way to find out your mechanical limits, and you still gotta find yours :cool:

    Am happy doing fluid changes, brakes, chain, wheel removal and accessory installation - *touch wood* - nothing to do inside the engine yet :grin:
  3. ive just learnt everything from winging it and luckily havent made too many expensive mistakes.

    i figure if im a lifetime biker stuff like this will end up saving me allot of money and provide many years of enjoyment to come :)

    next dirtbike will be a 2-stroke so i can learn how to do rebuilds ect. im nervous to do anything more than just cracking the rocker cover when it comes to engines. I re-sealed the rocker cover on my DR to stop a slight oil weep.

    Its good to have a garage full of tools :grin:
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