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Replacing the dash panel

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Vin, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. I have a GSXR600 '97 and the digital display on my dash is starting to go black which means i won't be able to see the klms.

    So i wanted to know is it possible to replace my dash with one off a newer bike, maybe a '02 600 as they look better than the one thats on there. What would be involve with doing this?

  2. Theres not much that can be done when getting a new dash. You would need a bike that has the same drive (cable/electric) the same gear ratios, rim size, tyre size yadda yadda yadda... You could go to the wrecker and get the same original dash, but best bet is to go for one of these form AUstreetfighter... I would recommend the GP dash. Its easy to intall if you have basic electrinic knowlede, and is a great custom bit for your bike.


    Hope it was of help.
  3. The only problem with getting an original from the wreckers is it's getting hard to get parts for that model so they charge a fortune for it.

    That GP dash looks awsome. I'll definitly look into getting that.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. A wrecker is probably going to charge you big bucks - ie $480 for a honda Spada dash, expensive for a 1988 model. This is not a bad thing, becouse you can buy a dash with less mileage (kilometre-age?) on it, and replace yours when selling a bike. Just like my first spada I bought when I was a Newbie... 12500 k's and 12 years old? one word - SUMOTO, world of 250's. Criminal.
  5. Ah i didn't think about the mileage, i was to worried about looks.

    If i do get a new or second hand one, whats involved with the mileage? Do i have to inform the transport thats it's changed? Do you have to inform the buyer that it has been changed? Not that i want to rip someone off but it's good to know.
  6. best just to keep the old dash, and get a mechanic to write down dates and details of when you do the change. Iv'e known people with cable driven speedos to use a drill or a dremel attached to their speedo cable to fast foreward it to 100000 kms, then it ticks over to zero again, or people who buy a bike, disconnect the speedo and use a push-bike computer to calculate speed, hence not clocking up any mileage. The way things are now, with didital speedo's, its easily done, so its not a big issie. As far as I know, theres no legal problems, but i might check it out. The GP dash should be good for a roadworthy for sale, but keep the original just in case.
  7. number 1.... lol i've done that to a bike and several cars before... sometimes one number will kink slightly out of line to register that but not many people notice.... and faaaaaaaaark is it easier to do than to reset the digits. i know it can be done but when i had a crack myself it annoyed me with all the fiddly bits... i'd get it to 00000 then it would go 11111 22222 33333

    didn't quite get its slipper gear thingos right... hehehe

    and yeah one of my mates loves his pushbike computer :)