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Replacing Stator

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by 6ixxer, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Looks like I need a new stator.

    Should I buy a replacement or get my existing one rewound?

    Does anyone have a guestimate of the cost either way?

    Can anyone recommend placed for rewinding (am located in Western Syd)?


  2. Have a wrecker with a stator for $200.
    Have asked whether he will be able to test the stator with a multimeter before sending.

    Sounds a bit steep for a used stator though.

    I'd possibly look at getting an aftermarket one from the US if this is my only local option.
  3. well they're not in Western Syd, but i spose if its cheap enough i'll post them my coil and get one back from them (assuming they have swap service).
    ...Otherwise I'll just get them to post one.
  4. So what suburb of Sydney is Toongabbie in? Last time I rode through it, it was just out of Traralgon? :? :?
  5. Toongabbie is just west of Parramatta, so i'm right in the middle of western sydney.

    SmallCoilRewinds quoted $250 to rewind my stator. I have to send them mine so add a few $ for postage each way.

    i rekon its worth the bit extra to get rewind in Aus. theres warranty and Aus legislation to protect me.

    getting one from a wrecker or getting an aftermarket stator from the US may be more hassle then they're worth.
  6. I've had quite a bit of stuff done by SCR and I've been happy with all of it. Good choice I reckon :)
  7. I've just talked to Stator Rewinds in Gosford.

    He says theres only 3-4 MC stator rewinders in Aus (one or two he says are complete rubbish) and he says he's seen the work done by SCR and his MC stator work is better.

    He says he uses a better rated copper wire than they do as MC engines are a more extreme environment than your average small coil motor. His price isn't any higher though.

    He even said he does stators for race applications, etc and told me about testing the phases and that the K1 stator has problems as he sees them regularly and he can wind it to the revised K2-K3 specs to assist with that.

    Sounds like he knows his stuff including bike models with particularly quirky stator and reg/rec issues. SCR didn't offer up any specific knowledge on my particular situation so I think i'll go with this guy in Gosford.

    Hope that helps out anyone in future who's looking for a rewind.
  8. Theres a guy in qld that rewinds for $120.
    automotive armatures in sailsbury
  9. He particularly bagged the guy in QLD but I wasn't gonna put that in here unnecessarily :p

    His main gripe was the temperature ratings on coated wire that they saw fit to put inside a high revving engine. External alternators or dry motors were probably not an issue.

    I rekon for a MC stator, listen to the guy that knows bikes and not just generators in general. I was trying to make the point that this guy in particular has impressed me with his attention to the parts longevity and performance in motorcycles.