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Replacing seat on a GT650?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Siwagod, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. So after picking up my bike on Friday night and riding all weekend, oh my lordy is the seat uncomfortable.
    Previous owner mentioned it is pretty lackluster.

    It's the stock seat for the 2010 Hyosung GT650. Riding for more than 15-20 minutes I find myself sliding to the very back just trying to give my butt some padding.

    Any suggestions for making my ride a bit more comfortable? I commute a lot and so it would be nice to not be standing up in traffic punching myself in the ass.
  2. As a first approximation, try getting a pair of push bike nix.

    They are lycra, with built in padding, and, provided you don't tell anyone, nobody knows you are wearing them.:)
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  3. Haha I will have a look around. My girlfriend just suggested I start eating copious amounts of cake and develop a ghetto booty.
  4. BTW, you can, fairly easily, get motorcycle seats modified to add or subtract foam, but, given you are new to riding, the nix and a course of HTFU is probably appropriate at the moment.
  5. Nix and HTFU? o_O
  6. Nix.... padded lycra shorts used by push bike riders.
    HTFU.... Harden The F*** Up.
  7. :ROFLMAO: Yessir!
  8. just a spoon full of concrete helps the criticism go down
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  9. After yesterday my ass is firming up.

    Do not misconstrue this.
  10. If you're still suffering...airhawk might help.
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  11. I've gotten pretty used to it now to be honest. Still not exactly great on the freeway, but around town and on twists I'm moving about enough to not even notice it.
  12. you're gonna find that your butt will become more used to sitting on a bike as you do more riding so don't jump into spending any money just yet.

    give it a couple of weeks
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  13. Set in on fire.................
  14. Bring me something new and shiny and I will.