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Replacing protective gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by zent, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. I recently had a slide off my bike on the highway, came out with limited damage on my body, only burn scraps on my right hip and right elbow. god bless!! the bike is gone.

    So I've been accessing the damages on my protective gear, my helmet's gone, with 2 small patch of scratches. the knuckles of the gloves are scratched, but barable. The main thing i wanna ask is. do i need a new jacket as well. Its the alpine star RC-1, with half a mm deep scrapes on the surface of the leather along the left shoulder area, didn't punch through, i've checked all the shoulder guards and arm guards on it, there's no cracks on it. is it safe for me to keep wearing it when i hop onto my next bike?

    and another thing is, how long till i should (in this case, anyone) replace protective gears from new, do they have a time period before they won't give as much protection as it should?
  2. Interesting question. In the case of armor it's protected from direct sunlight which helps, but over time would be degraded slightly by bacteria and fungii - I guess this wouldn't be an issue though unless you were keeping it more than 10 years (in which time there'd probably be much better protective gear on the market anyway).
    Leather should last a lifetime if looked after and undamaged. Synthetics will break down on exposure to sunlight (Kevlar in particular is bad for this) but again I can't imagine there'd be a problem for at least 5, maybe 10 years.
    Chances are you'll be replacing your gear because it's out of fashion (or no longer fits) long before it degrades. Secondhand gear of course is a totally different kettle of fish....

    Edit: Oh and for the damaged gear I'd at least be considering replacing the armor that took the brunt of the impact - but if the stitching's still good on the leather I wouldn't be worried.