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Replacing old controls (Pics)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Devery, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I've neglected my bike for a few weeks after I broke the brake lever, but now I'm looking to get it back on the road looking better than ever. I'm starting with the controls...

    When I bought the bike, it had some noticeable damage to the controls on the right side.


    1 - shows the crack that happened as a result of being dropped (I'm guessing).
    2 - shows the pop rivet holding the controls on the handle bar.
    3 - shows the thread that holds the brake lever has suffered fair damage.

    I'm very new to motorcycles and repairs, but I like to learn and thats why I am here today looking for advice and tips to replace these controls.

    Can anyone suggest where I might buy these new controls? As you can see from the damage I won't just be replacing the levers, but I imagine all of the controls... I want something classic, maybe close to the originals (maybe you have a better suggestion).


    My throttle seems to have some makeshift components to it also, so if I can eliminate all that and have some good quality controls I'd be a happy man.

    Any help is appreciated. Let me know all I should know before doing a job like this! Any suggestions welcome, share with me your favorite styles and recommend some to me.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Why don´t you dismantle whatever you need changed and bring the stuff with you to the wreckers. They´ĺl match it up with something close if the exact part´s not available. I usually go to Vic Motorcycle Wreckers in heidleberg or Ace Motorcycle Wreckers on Bell Street. Hope this helps.
  3. Top idea. Cheers.
  4. I'm struggling to find where you would buy something like this new?
  5. I assume the one from your parts bike doesn't fit? I also assume the guy you bought it off doesn't have one?
    (Sorry about that bit of netstalking, I was really just looking for more pictures of your bike!)

    The only place aside from wreckers I can think of is Modak. It won't be original, but it might look nice. Dunno what they think of CZs, but a friend was chastised when he mentioned the ace bars he was looking for were to go on a Honda...
  6. Thats fine... I can hunt down originals later on, need to get it back on the road now though.

    I went in and asked if they stocked CZ parts and they said no without even looking at me and just left me hanging! Great store though. Might go have a look.

    My bike is very pretty, I don't blame the net stalking :) And yeah the spare bike I got doesn't have the controls.