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Replacing my Helmet after a fall

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by krabi, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Ok, so I had my first stack, when I hit the deck my full face helmet took the brunt of the slide and impact right where my face is situated. As a result I'll never where a half face helmet again as I shudder to think what my beautiful face would look like now.

    I was looking at the full face helmets that flip up. Do they take the punishment like my old helmet took when my face was sliding on the road?
    I was considering the Nolan N-102 http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=5780, or should I stick to a full molded one? Basically, anyone know of examples or stories where the flip type one failed during a face slide?

  2. I'm afraid you are going to get many varied answers to that question. But yes, there have been quite a few examples of flip face helmets coming open in big crashes.

    This seems to be more common with the helmets that use plastic catches, rather than metal. However I have read of cases where helmets with metal catches also fail. Some metal catches I have seen are made of very thin metal. Of course, you never know if the helmet was properly closed in the first place.

    In one example the flip face chin piece came away when the rider took out a roadside post with his head. In fact that probably helped reduce the impact, acting like a crumple zone. But he might have done better with a full face helmet.

    I have also read of many crashes where a flip face helmet has done as good a job as a full face helmet, and stayed firmly shut.

    I guess the message is: Buy quality, only use flip face helmets with metal catches, and make sure the catches work and the helmet is closing correctly, every time. Also, make sure that the opening mechanism is easy to use, preferably single handed, and can't be accidentally opened.

    The Nolan seem reasonable. Loz love his. He has had three or more. My head isn't shaped like the inside of a Nolan helmet though. I prefer the Shoei or BMW, but don't own a flip face yet. Frankly, I've never been entirely convinced they will work as well as a full face in a bad crash, and despite improvements, they almost invariably are noisier than full face. But I still like them, and may get one yet.
  3. Cheers, you provided me with the type of response I was after. I just thought a flip would be more convenient for petrol stops etc, but after my experience yesterday with sliding, I might stick with the full face. Ideally I would not like to crash again, but as I discovered you don't plan for accidents!
    I read an old thread were pundits where talking about their Nolans, and how some had catch problems. It would be curious to know if the more expensive helmets had similar issues.

    Either way thanks for the informed response.
  4. You're welcome.

    I searched the internet for information on flip faces a while back when I was interested in buying one, and found a few bad stories about most brands. They seemed fairly issolated though. Except where the catches were plastic, and in cheap products. In these there were some horror stories of mouth pieces just breaking off, or riders discovering the catches never actually locked the mouth piece closed.

    Because of the stories I found, I will be sticking with a full face helmet, unless I find a flip face with truly sound construction. Like you said in your crash thread, sliding along on your face in a helmet you don't trust isn't something you want to do, ever.
  5. i own a rjays tour tech flip face

    i think its a great helmet really comfortable and good airlfow

    i did have a stack in july, collison with a removolist truck my leg took
    most of the impact but when i hit the deck around 40kmh i was sliding and bocuning for wat seems like a while..

    accessing the damage after i got out of the hospital my helmet was pretty much still like new lol, a few scratches and chips and will need a new visor but the face didnt come up at all..

    i would recomoned that helmet if ur interested in a flipface

    not so expensive as a nolan but still really nice.
  6. Cheers Chrisco, but I think I will stick with a full moulded one after my experience. The main thing that is playing over and over in my mind is the sliding on my face, something I don't want to repeat,but I'm truly thankful the helmet did its job.
  7. Source: Motorcycle Safety Council of NSW

    ahhhh, information overload. When I fell off and went to hospital I complained about the base of my skull hurting, they put a neck brace on me instantly. Now I know why!!!
    $500 to spend, what to do, what to do? (rhetorical questions folks).
    I'll stick with comfort maybe and not fall off again!
  8. Well in the choice between Full Face and Open Face (not Flip Face) the choice is easy. Full Face. I rode with an Open Face for a long time as a young man, but I had some close calls with bird strikes, running through trees (Enduro bike), mud and gravel. Even a small off with an Open Face can see you getting pretty scratched up. A smashed up jaw may not kill you, but it does change the rest of your life.

    Take careful note of the wording "is greatly reduced" and "may be increased". The conclusion is obvious.

    If they thought you had a skull base fracture (the worst case being a fatal internal decapitation), then they would (should) have done more than just put a neck brace on you. They just thought you may have damaged some vertebrae.

    The real answer for face and skull base injuries is to learn to tuck and roll when you fall off, then slide on your back. :grin:
  9. I think that since I have so much time on my hands- i got a week off work- I'm getting paralysis through analysis! The moto GP folks wear full faces and not flip ones, that must say something.
    Either way, I've decided against the flip face, I've weighed up the risks and have made a judgement, hence the original post I made was for that info Roderick GI gave me.
    In terms of rolling etc. I held on to that bike, it was so quick that I could not even think about it, I've been involved in martial arts and gymnastics for a long time, so I know how to fall etc, but this was too quick for me to react.
  10. I hope I'm reading this wrong. You're not planning to reuse the lid are you?
  11. yeah thats what i gathered from it :?
    his head... obviously not that much to save if he's of that frame of mind...
  12. structurally it is not as strong as a full face.
    but if the force is so great, your neck might break first :p

    anyway my choice would be a full-face, why deny yourself the maximum protection you can get?
  13. Psst!

    Wanna buy a cheap Volvo guv? :wink:
  14. So where in Sydney has a wide range of helmets I can buy? especially ones that deal with us Volvo types :p
    Newcastle does not have a wide variety, I figure It's worth a trip South to get value for money. I'm thinking of AGV.
  15. I work in a medium sized hospital, and most of my patients are from the emergency department.

    Generally, we prefer flip face helmets, but moreso, the ambos LOVE the flip-face helmets because (a) it protects your face where facial impacts are sustained, and (b) the helmets can be flipped open to access the airways (for intubation) if required without placing further risk to the cervical spine.

  16. :shock:
    And I had it all solved.
  17. That's the most compelling argument for a flip face I've heard.

    I thought I might get one in the future due to me wearing glasses - they're a pain in a full face helmet cause you've got to take them off before you put on/ take off the helmet.
  18. I am due for a new helmet aswell. The padding in mine is starting to get to that too comfortable point.

    Dennis Excellent first post, here's hoping we don't ever see you in a professional manner, but rather over coffee or something else liquidy, maybe with food involved.

    I had been looking at a flip more for convenience, and I hadn't considered that argument for them. so thanks Dennis, for the new argument.