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Replacing my chain, any tips?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Bam Bam, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. being a sucker for bling, i brought a new gold chain to replace my standard grey chain.

    The old chain is not worn and neither are the sprockets with the bike having only done 5000km, well maintained. So i am NOT replacing the sprockets. (the front sprocket was changed to a 14t anyway by the previous owner)

    I also brought a riveting tool and a breaker.

    I'm pretty handy and have all tools needed, just never done the chain before.
    Looks simple enough and i've watched a few vids on how to do it.

    What i want to know is, do you have any good tips that i should watch for or that make the process easier et.c etc.

    When you did it for the first time, what did you get hung up on?

    Do you like to connect the old chain to new and pull it through, or remove, clean up, size the new chain then fit it?

    Any help or tips are welcomed!
  2. Hi Bam Bam
    I've been into the forums on this very topic recently. If you are only changing the chain and not the sprockets as a set, then the points of interest would be to:
    insure the chain is the same width, pitch etc as the sprockets. For example, I have a 530 chain, but can do a 520 conversion. This would mean changing both the chain and the sprockets as the 520 is slightly narrower (and lighter)
    If using a joining link that is a 'clip' rather than a 'rivet', then make sure it goes on the correct way. It is related to the direction of the chain rotation
    If you do take off the rear wheel to do the job (not necessary, but I wouldn't be able to avoid cleaning the old sprocket) use a torque wrench on the axle nut when replacing, and ensure you set the chain-slack as per your service/owners manual
    Let me know how the new chain looks as I was thinking of a gold chain as I have gold forks on my Lava Red '05 R1 that could be a bit of a match.
    Sounds like you're at least well prepared
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  3. cool, thanks, ill let you know how it goes.
  4. After breaking the link, attach the end of the old chain to the new chain so you can "thread" the new one on the front sprocket while pulling out the old one.
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  5. Pays to grind off the rivet heads before you use your chain-breaker, unless you bought a mechanic quality one.

    Ifyou use a split-link check the clip is in the grooves properly on the open side, I use a magnifying glass for this,
    never had one come off
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  6. Buy an extra master link and have it on hand when you install the chain.
  7. So i got it done last night. iIt went smoothly and the end result was perfect.

    I decided to do what a few suggested and grinded the rivet down first to put less stress on the tool. It came out easy.
    I think investing in a good mechanic's quality chain tool was worth it.
    I cable tied the new chain to the old and pulled it through.
    Pressed the plate on after grease and O rings, was worried about squashing the o rings and binding the links, but it was all fine.
    Used rivet links, not the clip that came with the chain.
    Tensioned up chain.

    It looks good.
    Took me about an hour really taking my time making sure to align the tool correctly and doing everything in small increments.
    I think next it would be a half hour change. But then again, next time i will do the sprockets too.
    IMG_7480.JPG IMG_7482.JPG IMG_7481.JPG
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  8. Look very nice bro. Planing to replace chain on my gf bike soon.
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  9. don't know why you bothered dude
    just draws the eye to your chicken strips
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  10. Nice work and photos, thanks for posting Bam BamBam Bam.

    Oh, you brute. You've never said a word - good or bad - about mine.
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  11. Mmm, chicken!!!
  12. mmmmm
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  13. Replaced my GF cb400 yesterday, easier than I though




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