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Replacing MT-09 Exhaust/Slip on?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RISEUP67, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Hi , I know it has been discussed over and over on this site and , FZ-09 and MT-09 sites, but trying to get my head around legalities and db levels and compliance with laws.

    So after checking with Ozzie Exhaust Makers Etc, turns out the label on the MT-09 OEM steering Frame says 94 db, so apparently the OEM Exhaust is the only one allowed on the bike, as Aftermarket Full and Slip on's don't have a compliance sticker to match the bike, so -

    As I have researched every where I can for the Aftermarket one I like the best, Winner is M4 Slip on , it has a very nice finish that suits my Matt Grey Colour, i like the new O2 Sensor placement, love the steel band, and 1/2 price of a full system, as the front section is roughly the same when cut as all other Full systems, and of course the tone.

    Now the question I am asking is to MT-09 and other Bike users is - How many, if any of you have been stopped for a traffic offensive to be then to be told by Mr/Mrs/Miss/??? Policeperson that they are going to do you for non-compliance exhaust noise.
    I ask this as if I buy and cut for a slip on and then get a fine or whatever they do for non-compliance exhaust, am I left with a cut and slip on system that I can then not use , wasted $600 and then have to buy a OEM one from somewhere !!

    Any advise would be appreciated, Cheers

  2. i have never been done for noise
    and i like my bikes loud
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  3. same here, but then again I don't have to deal with the Qld cops
  4. Keep your OEM just in case.
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  5. I think he's saying he has to cut it to get the new silencer on... Not hard for an exhaust manufacturer to weld it back on if necessary though. An expensive exercise surely, but not too difficult...
  6. Good idea, keeping the old muffler, I was going to throw it away when I had fitted the M4, much better option, just pressed the Buy it Now button, will let you know when it is fitted, Cheers
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  7. I was a bit worried, where I live they have little to do, but chase cars and bikers for points tallys !!!!
  8. we know they've got a job to do but they don't have to be a-holes about it
  9. Never been pulled up for noise and most bikes I've had were strsight out including zoomies which were wet your pants loud. images-4. most coppers wil get you for everything they can, so the loud pipe - nahr you cares
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  10. awesome looking pipes - they customs? reckon they would make your ears bleed.
  11. From memory santee make em it was a loong time ago but they are dead easy to make up. The flames shooting up your pants was a concern.lol
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  12. That is why I opted for the M4's, a little bit longer than the Akro's, and the rest, Nice Bike, Cheers
  13. Took your advice, on this thing they wont catch me if I cover the plates anyway, Thanks again for the advice .
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  14. I Work with a Lady who's Hubby is a Welder, so even better now you have mentioned it !!, Thanks
  15. A good stainless tig weld is not an easy thing to do... Make sure you pay him adequately, you probably won't be happy with a 'mates rates' job.
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  16. Will do, if it comes to it, Cheers
  17. I've been stopped on the MT09 by the cops but that was for being in unicycle mode.

    Even as they gave me and the bike the stink eye whilst issuing a TIN the pipe was never mentioned.

    It's a full race Akrapovic, no cat, not baffle, Carbon silencer.

    They don't know what they're looking at mate.

    Furthermore. The Aprilia had a similar system and being a V-Twin was even more glorious to the ear. Never had a problem.
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  18. Great, Thanks, looks like I will ok then, as long as no attention seeking mode gets seen, thanks for the reply, M4 on order, looking forward to a better sound, Cheers Laurence
  19. Gotta watch that unicycle mode switch. They make it look so much like a throttle.

    Stepfather lives in Mitcham, reckons he saw a group of four MT-09's all lift the front wheel from the lights the other week. Beautiful sight.

    Wasn't you was it?
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  20. Nope live in Karalee, great site though !!!!