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Replacing mirrors

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rybky, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. The KLE500 has round mirrors which not only look stupid next to the quite angular fairing but are causing already poor rear visibility to be even worse due to losing part of the view due to the curve.

    I would like to change then to a more square edged design but I am having trouble locating suitable replacements.

    I know first off I need to know the thread diameter of my current mirrors, have not get the ruler out yet to get that but they look quite a large diameter (maybe 12mm?).

    Even when I get the thread size, where is the best place to go about looking for a replacement? I have searched online but with little success other than crazy custom chrome things in the shape of skulls or the like. There are some on eBay with an 8mm thread but I think that is too small.

    Any advice?

  2. No suggestions?

    I see that the Kawa Versys has square edged mirrors and the mounting point looks very similar to mine so that might be an option, if bike parts are anything like car parts from a stealer though, they will be damn expensive.

    Is there a bike wreckers on Sydney's North Shore? That might be a place to locate something suitable.

    On the subject of mirrors, it is well known that bikes have huge blind spots, so why don't bike mirrors have a convex section near the edge to help with this like some cars do??

  3. Umm maybe try going to a bikeshop that sells replacement mirrors and just ask them if you can check that it fits on properly. That way you can find the right size and maybe even a replacement. Then ebay.
  4. F*ck the mirrors off. They only get in the way when lane splitting.

    Rely on head checks.
  5. Try findapart. Measure your Threads, describe what you want, and the suppliers will email you back.