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Replacing just a front tyre

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by bobthekelpy, May 5, 2016.

  1. Here's something I've not come across before. I've currently got Pirelli Angel GT's fitted. They are at about 10k on the pair. The front is measuring approximately 2-2.5mm of tread left, so is about done. The rear is still measuring approx. 5.5mm tread left (it's the A spec version).

    I've never encountered such un-even wear with a pair of tyres before, and have always replaced as a set. With so much left on the rear, I'm reluctant to replace it yet, so, what you say? Am I going to die a fiery death putting a new front only on at this stage and running new front, worn rear? Who has some tyre knowledge of this scenario they can share?
  2. Put a new one on the front. Anyone that tries to tell u that it's unsafe and u must buy a rear as well is ripping u off and needs a punch in the head
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  3. That's why I am asking for members opinions and not a shop...

    What I'm after is what to expect in forms of potential handling issues etc.
  4. Only problem might be that until the front is scrubbed in the rear will be a fair bit stickier and if you push it the front might slip a bit.
  5. Your bike will implode in a ball of fire.

    No seriously - if it's the same compound of tire the 'stickiness' of the tyre will be the same wherever it is in it's life cycle (new or towards the end). And let's not go over the old 'i have to scrub the tyre in' debate.
  6. You got 5mm on your GT A spec? I didn't get that much from new.

    What bike? Heavy I'm guessing..
    Of all the bikes I've owned (20ish) my K1600GT has the most ferocious appetite for rubber of any, and it is the only bike that has worn front tyres (several different brands/models) out before the rear.

    No doubt the huge weight is responsible despite the fact I ride it like a girl.
    Buy a front only...
  7. I have my bike in for just a front tire right now. I just make sure that they are compatible. In my case both tires are Micheline Commander 11. I have never had a problem.
  8. I have read that due to the current rubber compound/s used in modern tyres that scrubbing in is now virtually an urban myth as pretty much once they're warmed up they're ready to go
  9. Here we go again - another scrubbing in thread!
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  10. The measurements are taken from the deepest part of the tread, not on top of the wear bar, I think the rear is at about half life-ish. I did measure it when new, but can't remember what it was as I didn't write it down at the time..

    Tyres are on a '15 BMW R1200R, so yeah, heavy-ish bike, long wheel base and more than likely my riding style all contribute to front tyre wear on this bike I think.
  11. I put on as set of GT's back in Nov and the front was at or below the TWI just 2 weeks ago with 10,500km's and the rear still had 2000km's on it. The only reason I changed out both is I cant be farked heading down to Pablo's again in a couple of weeks.
    I would say leave it on and be mindful that it's getting close.

    We should catch up and do another ride soon.
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  12. If your bike is not wearing the back tyre properly it's rooted and you need to get rid of it.

    I'll take it off your hands for $5.
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  13. GreyBM may be right on this, but I think you should at least get $6 for it, and I'll pay the shipping.
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  14. Chicken Strips are at least $8.99/Kg. Come on guys.
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  15. I think we have an auction.

    Just remember a BMW is an old fart bike. Do you really want to be seen on one?
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  16. Speak for oneself!
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  17. I'll nod to that :p
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  18. Oh no, nod again....
  19. Is the front wearing out quicker common on the GT's? I inherited a set with my bike and after a few thousand KMs I'd taken almost all the tread off the sides of the front. The rear still had a fair bit of life in it but was pretty much squared off though so I changed both.
  20. I think a contributor is also that the rear is the 'A' spec for heavier bikes, perhaps mine would make do just fine with the normal rear tyre..