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Replacing/Fixing fairing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by wozza, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Due to a lapse in thinking power I've managed to drop my Suzuki sv650s 99' standing still onto concrete. Snapped the clutch lever and cracked the fairing around the left hand side indicator (was dropped on left side).
    I've replaced the clutch lever and also had a look at the other thread in this area on fixing plastic fairing but it seems like i would need too many tools that I dont have lying around and could potentially cost more then finding a replacement one.

    So basicly my question is this, is it worth attempting to fix it (baring in mind my lack of tools) or seek out a replacement left hand side cowling?

    Also just after general advice on this matter (feel like a goose).

    Just to note as well, I was going to leave the fairing as is and just deal with the cracks but after going for a ride, the crack has grown in size considerablely.

    The bike isn't insured either (not comp anyway).

    Thanks for your time.
  2. If it's a clean crack, you might be able to fix it.

    If not. you can has streetfighter.
  3. Poor man fix: drill small (1/8) hole in end of crack(s) glue with super glue or similar.
    Doesn't last forever, sometimes not at all but I used it on a previous bike, held over 12 months
  4. Only real way to repair is plastic welding, which is DIY-able but realistically probably beyond most of us. Therefore correspondingly expensive to get it done for you, then add painting to that.

    I'd suggest doing a ring-around of bike wreckers - see if you can get a colour-match in decent nick.
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  6. might give the guys a call to repair my fairing tab.. thx for the link.
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  8. ive done a plastic weld on mine. wasnt as hard as i thought but yes equipment i had already, cept plastic welder.

    if you dont mind a crack. straighten out the crack, sand back the rear and fibreglass it. it'll hold the fairing together and you;ll just have a crack on teh fairing.

    or get the smallest drill bit u can and drill from the back of the fairing at the ends of the cracks almost to the other side. fill hole with epoxy. dont use superglue its shite house
  9. 'Egyptian Sand' is your friend here.
    I'm sure Cheffie could steer you on the right path.
  10. Hey Wozza, good to see another SV curvy :grin:

    I did the exact same thing to my SV a couple of years ago (just on the right side), and it left a crack around the edge of the indicator mount.

    At the time I was looking to replace the huge, dorky OEM indicators anyway. So I chucked in some cheap flushmount cats-eye indicator instead. Because they are much lighter, it wont make the crack worse.

    A better solution (which I am about to do), is get hold of some flushmount stick on after market indicators. Need to get some that are just large enough to cover the standard hole. Have seen this done on a few SVs, and it looks pretty good.
  11. hi all,
    Just thought i'd make an update on this. I wasnt going to bother replacing/fixing the fairing (broke my heart thinking about that) but as it happens, i ended up in a low speed accident and came off the bike. Cracked the fairing considerably more (was on the same side as previous drop) so took the bike to a smash repair place who examined 3 different options to fixing the fairing (pre labour costs).

    The options turned out to be :

    Found the cowling in a different colour at a wreckers $120 then repaint (~$250ish, remind me to become a spray painter lol wth do they charge an hour?)

    Plastic weld: $350 (rip off in my opinion)

    New panel from Suzuki: $354

    So ended up being cheaper to replace the panel with a new one then anything else.

    @heffa, love my sv :D, have a staintune exhaust on it and people cant help but look. combined with the engine breaking and exhaust its loud :)