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replacing Clutch cable. Dont know how to remove the chassis

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Vez, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. just bought my 1991 suzuki across close to 2 months ago... my clutch cable is literately hanging by a thread...i think im able to replace the cable myself...(hope so) but first i need help to remove the the chassis so i could get to the clutch cable...do i need to remove the entire chassis or just one side? i tried to remove the nuts and bolts on one side of it but it wont come off...so if anyone could come over to my place to help me..or can write some easy to follow instruction it would be of great help...

    i dont want to get it done properly at the workshops because i want to learn to do it myself.

    im gonna miss riding my bike til i get it fix.

    i live in clayton...email or pm me..ansaev2003@hotmail.com or add me to msn..
  2. Re: replacing Clutch cable. Dont know how to remove the chas

    Do you mean the fairing?

    The chassis would be the framework.
  3. yep i mean the fairing.....see. how much a newbie at bikes am i...so could anyone help me plz
  4. If you have a search round for a service manual for your bike that might make things easier. The manual should at least show you where the cable runs, and may even have instructions on how to replace it.

    Good luck.
  5. As with all Acro...akro...ahh bugger it Suz..Spusi..........nope ok Man Bags.....removal of the chassis is the best way to rid the MC world of these dreaded machines. :shock:
  6. PM glipschitz, he knows all about clutch cables going snappy snap!
  7. hehe, yeah sure do.... twice that happened to me... grrrr

    Gotta pull all the fairing off to replace it, a fun afternoon to say the least.

  8. I just got peter stevens to do it, took them 10 mins, only cost me the price of the cable