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replacing cbr250rr lights

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by blackgloves, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. hey,

    i have a cbr250rr and the lights have pretty much died that if im riding at night im riding in pitch black unless i whack on the high beams which still work fine.

    instead of forking out $88 an hour to get someone to fix im going to attempt it myself as i cant imagine itd be too hard.

    im just seeing first if anyone out there has had this problem and knows whether its an issue of just replacing the bulbs or if it could be due to wiring or something else.

  2. Its a half hour job for a person who knows what they are doing and has the tools.
    Issue is with the guides and frickin bolt positions when taking the upper fairing off.

    Its worth paying someone else to have the hassle!
  3. So your high beam works fine and low beam doesnt work at all? I had the exact same issue.

    The problem was I had a loose wire in my fuse box - simple fix. You may have the same problem.

    Remove left fairing (left side panel when sitting on bike) The little black fuse box will be attached to the back of the fairing near the blinker assembly.

  4. have you checked to see if it is the globes that are stuffed? you do know they have two filaments in them? one for the highbeams, and one for normal use.

    i dunno about the loose fuse box... if its loose, the whole lighting system should be affected (or whatever else is connected to that particular wire in the fuse box), not just the lowbeams...
  5. yeah assumed it was just the globes but with no experience with bikes other than riding just thought id ask first. ill get in and have a look on the wkend.

    just one more question, do i need to go out to a dealer to get a specific globe for my bike or would i be fine just rocking up at autobarn or supercheap with the existing globe and trying to match them.

    thanks for your input guys
  7. i had the same problem when i first got my CBR250RR.

    it was actually the left light switch assembly. just got it replaced and works perfect! :]
  8. any update on this BG?