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Replacing CBR250RR chain, problem.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by HANDSY, May 13, 2009.

  1. hey,
    im right in the middle of replacing my chain.
    took the old one off last night, cleaned the heaps and heaps of crap around the front sprocket, went out and got me a new chain this morning.....now:
    ive fed the chain through, put it on, but, it seems miles too long? even when i slide the wheel all the way back with the adjusting screws as far out as they come, it still seems loose?
    surely im doing something wrong, but i cant work it out.
    when you change the chain, should the wheel be then set as far fowards as it goes? surely someone has changed a chain on a cbr250rr before and can let me know what it required for them.
    yes it is the right size, and right chain. D.I.D 428 136link

  2. your not doing anything wrong.

    They make chains miles to long, you need to work out where the ends should meet and remove excess links.

    I will get a youtube vid for you in a min.
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  4. spent all morning looking for a video like that and couldnt find one, so annoying.
    i used an angle grinder to get the other one off, just shaved the heads of pins, is that ok to do with the new chain too? as long as i dont cut into it or thin the link out?
  5. I am not to sure weather your method was the right one or not.

    I think a breaker would have been a better option as it pushes the link out. Would need someone more experienced with it to tell you thouhg.
  6. probably not the best/safest method of removal.

  7. Even a chain breaker needs grinding done to take the top off. You can do it on both the old and new chain without ill effect.

    Have you got a chain with a split or river link?
  8. i use a dremel to break my chain... it's smaller, fairly fast to do and you can cut through the outside link completely, and if you do it right, no damage to the remaining chain. (I grind the rivet off, and then cut across the rivet into the link. One i'm through the link, it just pops right off)
  9. very pleased with my work,
    after not been able to find a chain breaker at bunnings, decided to go with the grinder.
    grinded down the pins on both sides, got a concrete nail and a hammer, couple of hits and it was out, chain and remaining link all still perfect, fitted it and no problems.
    thanks for the helps and that vid was grouse.
  10. Great satisfaction when you do something yourself that would have cost you at least $80 at a dealer.
  11. not to mention the tricks i learnt, when i need to do it again ill be able to do it under an hour no problems.
  12. An angle grinder is what was recommended to me by the mechanics I bought my chain from, I used a dremel and it took AGES. I'd recommend an angle grinder if you have one.
    And count the number of links twice, then measure as well before you cut.