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Replacing a few parts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kha-Khees, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. So I dropped my bike for the first time on the weekend. Well I say dropped, I actually got into a short slide; I think I missed a patch of oil while in the hills on saturday. I didn't expect it to be rainy, stupid me.

    I came out fine. draggins on the road contact side don't even show wear, except where some coins the back pocket ripped the outer fabric (My donation to the road-god). The only other mark on my gear is a tiny scuff on my jacket and right boot.

    On to the bike: It's a VTR250, I bent the rear brake about 90 degrees and gouged a part of the exhaust off. The exhaust is a megacycle one I think, the previous owner didn't have stock, according to him it didn't come with the stock when he got it from the next one down the line.

    The only place to give a quote so far have been vic wreckers with 65 for the brake and 285 to get a stock can.

    The brake price seems overinflated to me, does anyone else know a place decent wreckers in melbourne? Preferably the south east. I've searched and come up with a place in dandenong that I might visit tomorrow but otherwise searching has been fruitless.
  2. That's an ok price, vic wreckers a usually pretty good, but you can try findapart.com.au for some more opinions.
  3. Thanks for the link, I'll have a browse.

    The price for the lever threw me, most of the time I see people here say that 20-30 is normal; but they're usually talking about clutch/front brake.
  4. 1] Try straightening your rear brake lever....you have nothing to loose, if it snaps you were going to buy one anyway and if you manage to straighten it you win..

    2] Go and visit Ken at Megacycyle in Cheltenham Rd, Dandenong/Keysborough with you damaged muffler. The man's a genius and there isn't much that's not on his can do list...
  5. 2 very good points mike. I hadn't even thought of bending the lever back, as I lack the skill for that; dad doesn't. He beat you to the punch on that one, we're gonna have a go at it soon.

    And thank you for the suggestion on visiting megacycle, they're actually only a hop, skip and/or jump away. Didn't occur to me that they'd repair (seems obvious now).