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Replacement Yamaha R15 fuel pump

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Menda, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. I've been having a lot of trouble with my little YZF-R15 recently (not starting and stopping at weird times). I took it to the mechanic and they found the problem...it's the fuel pump.

    An OEM Yamaha fuel pump costs around the $500 mark and unfortunately I do not have that amount of cash (and especially since it's only a $2000 bike). Is there any other cheaper alternatives I can turn to? I saw this an item listed on eBay titled (since I can't post the link) "New Intank Fuel Pump 2008+ Yamaha YZFR15 YZF-R15" but I'm not sure if it'll do the job.

  2. You don't have much to lose by giving it a go; prices like the genuine part are what create the aftermarket. Is the bike at a Yamaha dealer and will they fit a non-genuine part that you supply? And is it still under the manufacturer's new vehicle warranty?

    You might want to pop into the Welcome lounge and say hello to the folks....

  3. It'll cost me around $300 to get the part and have it fitted (the one I wrote about here). Yes, the workshop is a Yamaha dealer and will fit a non-genuine part. And no, unfortunately the bike is no longer under any vehicle warranty.

    Do you think the part I was talking about in my OP will work? Does it seem likely to?

    And yes, I shall do that soon too :)
  4. As it seems to be a problem with R15s, you could always ask here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yamaha-R15-Club-India/260312470674254

    If the seller has a decent rating there's a good chance the thing will be okay. But you need to track down someone who can tell you so from experience. A quick Google search suggests that the pumps don't like picking up crap from the bottom of the tank. In this age of "why fix it when you can just plug in a new one" I find myself wondering if a non-franchise dealership mechanic might have had a look at the old one to see what could be done.

  5. Unfortunately hardly anyone uses that Facebook page, so I doubt I'll be getting any speedy responses. I need to deal with this problem relatively quickly as I need to resume riding (as it is my only form of transportation).

    I think fixing the thing might actually cost more, and in the long run mightn't be the best idea. My mechanic also recommended just buying a new one, so I'm not sure.
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  7. Thanks a lot mate. I actually found that link earlier, but knowing someone actually used it is a bonus!

    What bike did you install the pump into mate? And how long ago did you do it?

    Cheers :)
  8. Bike is Suzuki SV650. Did it about a year ago if i remember correctly.

  9. Did you purchase it from that eBayer you posted earlier?
  10. This must be lies.... no R15 has EVER had any issues
  11. #11 Menda, Jan 13, 2014
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    I really wish that was the case...but man o man this bike has brought me some grief... heck, I'm replacing the fuel pump @ 3000k's :(
  12. Really.....some grief? how so? Mine is at about 4500kms, serviced by myself and the only issue is the chain chirps like a bird lol.
  13. Lubed my chain some more last night, half a can of Motul. Think I may have finally got it to shut up.
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    I replaced the fuel pump today, the bike seems to be working alright....but I still hear a faint screeching sound when I turn on the bike (the screeching noise happens when you turn the ignition to 'on' but before you turn the engine on). The sound also is there when the bike is running. I replaced it with a non-OEM pump, could it be failing already?
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  15. If the replacement pump is new you'd be pretty unlucky for it to be failing too, but then life can be like that. Maybe there is an air leak in the fuel system somewhere. Air in the induction part will also cause poor running and stopping at odd times. Do you have a service manual?


    Maybe try using piece of plastic pipe or garden hose as a stethoscope to try and locate where the screech is coming from. Air cut off valve, all the induction pipes & joints. Even check the fuel filler seal. That "whines" faintly regularly when it's stopped. Doesn't seem to have any valve or hole to let air in to the tank, so maybe your filler seal is stuffed to make enough noise to be noticeable over the running engine.

    Good luck.
  16. So happy I found this thread, i've been digging around the net for ages looking to find out what the problem is!
    I'm riding a YZF R125 and it seems to suffer from the same issues.
    I believe they had a recall for this model for 2008-09 models but mine's a 2010 and it seems to be the same issue.
    It's a bit weird but I'm pretty sure its the fuel pump!
    It cranks, starts and then dies even when you give it some throttle.
    Most nights (maybe the cooler temp) it starts fine and doesn't need any throttle.
    Just thought I'd put this down in case anyone else is having similar issues.
    Hopefully this will resolve my problems. If this doesn't fix it I really don't know what I'm going to do with my lil' YZF R125.
    Had the bike 2 weeks and I've only done about 70kms on it so far if that.
  17. They are $50 on eBay buddy , where do u live ? Put a thread on here and I'm sure someone might help u fit it for a case of beer
  18. I'm in Cabramatta, just bought one off ebay and it says it'll take about a week or 2 to arrive.
    I'm probably going to drag a few of the boys around and get them to help out. It's what we used to do when we rode before.
    I'm actually pretty keen to get it done, just hoping I don't wreck anything when I open her up.
    I got quoted around $350-650 depending on the part (aftermarket or original) from a mobile mech and about $605 from Trooper Lu's.
    Apparently it's because the part I need gets sold as a whole with the tank or something.
  19. Hey mate, wondering if you could help me out a bit.. I've had the same issue and just bought the replacement fuel pump..

    Could you give us a few tips on how to change it?

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