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Replacement Tire Problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by lil_mike, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    in need of some new tires for the bike as the old ones are looking a bit cracked and hard. Bit of a problem here though. My VT250 Spada has an uncommon tire size, 100/80 Front and 140/70 Rear. I've looked through most of the big names catalogues trying to find a suitable replacement but with no luck. The recommended ones in the manual stopped production over a decade ago too. There isn't much room to change the profile and width on either as well, maybe 10mm on front and back, but this then changes the height of the respective wheel as well.

    Was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and could share some info on possible choices available? I mostly do spirited rides through the hills, and rarely commute so more sport orientated. I'd like to research the possible tyres before going down tho the tyre shop so I know what's going on it, but I may have to just bite the bullet at this rate.


  2. Let me rephrase sorry, I was slightly wrong there. There are tyres available (just found some) but they are are all touring orientated :( Also what would be the effects of changing the front to a 110/70, which should lower the front height by roughly 3mm?
  3. If it's the only one available , try it out. The worst case is it's not the profile you like , then don't buy it next time. I have had the same situation occur with other bikes. In the end you find the tyre profile may make the bike steer quicker or slower. you will adapt pretty quickly either way.

    good luck

    cheers Michael
  4. the 3 mm isn't going to be a problem. You'll get this with tyre pressure. the 110 may make it steer more slowly or make the front a bit vague. What are the 90 options? Also these are 17" tyres?
  5. I've had Pirelli Sport Demons on my Spada for a while now - they work, but I'm no expert on tyres so I wouldn't know if I could get "better"...
    TBH I just rode it into the shop and asked for new rubber...
  6. when you're running something that is essentially the love-child of a line trimmer and a sewing machine, touring vs sport tyres makes bugger all difference. you're on a 250 you're not gonna throw it down all that hard through corners.
    having said that my 140/70 michelin pilot activ is proof there are sport tyres in the profile you need.
    also look into pirelli sport demon, my bro in law has a 100/90 front PSD surely they'd make a 100/80
  7. yeah ibast, all 17's. completely forgot about tire pressures........

    theforgotten, those are all still touring tyres according to their manufacturers :p my main goal is to develop more confidence in my cornering abilities while i'm on the smaller bike. problem with current tires is that they are really vague and not all too confidence inspiring hence why i'd like to get some softer rubber. at least then if i do need to lean in more to get out of trouble i won't have to worry about the tires slipping out on me. its just that little extra to make me feel better. yeah its probably not necessary, but the only downside is the extra price and slightly less wet performance (i don't have wet weather gear at the moment anyway).
  8. hmmmm possibly. i know you'll get a dunlop alpha10 rear, can't call that touring.
  9. yeah, that's what i'm looking at currently. At least I've got a good idea now of what's available. I'll go down on saturday and inspect some prices.
  10. the bridgestone bt090 is also a good small bike tyre with good grip, but still good wear.
  11. @ lil_mike, check out this VT 250 forum, it may answer your query

    If it does and you can go for a 110/70-17 save yourself some dollars and get F & R from jakewilson.com in the USA. When the JW home page opens use the SEARCH box on the top lhs and put in the tyre size exactly like this 110/70-17
    & 140/70-17

    Delivery is extra and takes no more than 1 week to your door.

    Good luck from Vmaxer