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Replacement Solenoid

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Robbins, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hey guys! Having some solinode problems, and the things basically killed itself. Need to replace it and I have had no luck whatsoever in finding one, esspecially because its got the fuse and the connection (not sure what that is?) leading to it. Can someone please link me a replacement one? I have no idea what to look for, if even if I can use a different one. Thanks guys!

    13059324_804292053034678_1936814321_n. 13077376_804292049701345_122787095_n. 13101324_804292003034683_1469796799_n.

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  2. What bike is it ?
  3. ZongShen ZS250GS (AKA Piece of shit chinese bike) :oops:
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  4. I thought it was something Chinese with that brand name on the solenoid.
  5. Horrible isn't it. :confused: Got any ideas man?
  6. Nope I'm sorry good luck with it thou.
  7. Drop a match down the tank and claim from insurance???
  8. I believe this is your wiring diagram for you model. If you can't find a direct replacement solenoid you should be able to get a generic replacement from a reputable supplier/sparkie, they just need to know how it is wired up:

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  9. How did you diagnose the solenoid as being faulty? From experience I have found it is usually something else, other than the solenoid, causing electric start problems.
  10. Looks similar to Honda starter relay. Check Ebay. Also, make sure you connect it correctly, because one of those wires is for charging the battery.
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  11. Might be worthwhile talking to an autoelectrician? Bike mechanics are also fairly good with electrics.
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