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Replacement Seat - CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by LeMMin9, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Hey all,
    Not sure if this is even possible, but I was wondering if there was such a thing as a replacement seat for the CBR1000RR.

    I have a recently purchased 2k7 model and have found that I get a sore ass right in the balls joints and was looking to maybe cushion up my seat a little bit, perhaps a gel seat or something of the likes, do these even exist for the CBR1000RR.

    Thanks in advance, any advice welcome ;)

  2. Your bike a pain in the ass? Then you need one of these -> a seat
  3. I would go with the corbin seat. I actualy got my corbin seat before the bike arrived. Don't know how anybody can ride the 1000rr with the standard seat. I think a bit of 4x2 would be more comfortable. Best place to get one would be from the States, ( should be around $300 with postage.)
  4. Thanks for the replies, I've been looking into the Corbin seat replacements and got an email from the staff at VPM.com.au (the Aussie distributers of Corbins) who quoted me $389 for the rider and $219 for the pillion seat shipped to Melbourne from the States.....Thought it sounded reasonable as checking the prices from the Corbin website that roughly what the conversion would come to.

    I'm after both rider and pillion as I have a better half who likes to sit on the back with me....

    Before I go and commit monies to this investment, does anyone know of anywhere I may be able to get the Corbin's cheaper than this, or should I just go with the Aussie distributers and be done with it.

    Thanks again

  5. you guys are ALL SOFT!

    you know what chopper would say......
  6. Hahahaha tou ché, but I like my butt to be soft and squidgy what can I say!!! :LOL:
  7. Bike places in the States usually sell Corbin seats a lot cheaper than direct from Corbin.
    A couple you could try are Superbikesupply or Partsmonster.
    I bought mine from Partsmonster two years ago for US$199 plus US$55 postage, which comes to about AUS$288