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Replacement Screws for Brake Reservoir

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by John Smith, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I need a screws for the brake reservoir for my Suzuki GN250.

    I have tried Bunnings and Masters but they're all too long.

    Where do you guys usually buy replacement screws from?
  2. Have you tried a specialty fastener supplier? Look up "nuts and bolts" in the yellowpages.
  3. You could get the M6 or M8 (whatever they are) from Bunnings with matching nuts

    thread the nuts onto the screws and then cut off what you don't need with a hack saw or a dermal with a cut off disk.

    the nut you threaded on before you can now take off and it will remove any burs or jaggies from the cut.

    or you could just go to your nearest bike store and they would have buckets of screws of what you need in the work shop
  4. Where are you John ?
    I normally go to a bolt supplier like 'Universal Bolts', 'The Bolt shop' or the like.
    Otherwise Industrial suppliers normally have a large range too.

    If you have seen the correct style of head and thread size but on a longer bolt then it is pretty easy to cut them down as @iClint@iClint suggested. Use a piece of wire or similar to gauge the length you need (with the cover fitted) and then cut the down to size.
  5. I am in Melbourne.

    Thanks for the replies. I've googled a few places. I will check some out today.
  6. warburton Thomas, economy bolts, there are heaps around melbourne
  7. Sorry, didn't realise you were a spy and shouldn't disclose your exact location in Melbourne.
  8. Melbourne CBD 3000.

    I've managed to find the screws at bunnings. M4. They're a little bit longer than the original but they screw all the way in