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Replacement of main frame

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Myke, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I saw a post about subframes and that got me wondering about the main frame of a motorcycle.

    I realise that if the main frame is scratched/hit, insurance companies will by and large write the bike off etc and resale will be very hard.

    What if you didn't want the bike written off / can't make a claim (e.g track day)/ whatever reason and wanted to replace the frame - I know you can buy the frames separately.

    My question is, what about the VIN on the existing frame? What is the process of getting a new frame and does it come with a new VIN etc?

    Obviously keeping the bike road legal.
  2. New frame equals new vin. Swap everything over and you have a registrable bike!
  3. Back when I worked in the WA Department of Transport, this was a recognised (though rare) procedure and could be done legally. Because it was so rare, I can't remember the protocol and it may have changed by now anyway, especially with the crackdown on the various avenues for rebirthing hot vehicles.

    However, give your local DoT a ring. The worst they can do is say no.
  4. ok thanks - was more for a what if scenario. Presumably all frames come with a Vin when ordered?
  5. If memory serves, the old VIN was stamped into the new frame, witnessed by an official from the department. The bit of the original frame (headstock in the one case I know of) with all the plates and stamps on it was then cut off and retained by the department for destruction. The bike no longer had a compliance plate but there are/were also protocols for that as well.

    I could be wrong though because it was a long time ago now and was effectively a one-off event, so uncommon was it.