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Replacement key for Yamaha w/immobiliser chip?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dryfter, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know of an online store stocking replacement Yamaha keys, that contain the immobiliser chip?

    I have the master (red) key, so can program them myself, but just need to get the blank from somewhere.. The blanks on ebay don't have the chips in them though :(

  2. Ace locksmiths in St Kilda have an ad in AMCN saying they can duplicate bike keys.
    might be worth a look
    9534 0586
  3. Contacted Yamaha Aust. recently. They said that keys can be obtained from any dealership but cost $69 uncut. If you lose a red key prepare for the worst. You can't copy any more black keys and replacement (including new ignition and immobiliser system) will cost $1,713 (not including dealer charges, freight and installation). Ouch!
  4. You can send you ECU to Ian @ Moto Matrix in Spain. http://www.motomatrix.co.uk/
    Thy reprogram the Ignition system lock out and send you back your ECU and two blank Master keys for 220 pounds. Not a bad deal.
    I think with the R1's you need to send the ignition block as well.
    Any bike past 2004 is the same deal. And they don't put the key cut # under the fuel cap anymore either.
  5. Yeah! It's a bit rich for just a key.. I've seen Honda HISS keys for USD$20 online, so was hoping to pick up a Yamaha one for a similar price, rather than the dealership rip-off..
  6. Yeah the red key thing is brilliant, unless your an unlucky sod who bought a bike and didn't realise it was an Issue, oh wait, thats me.