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Replacement helmet - eventually!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Its the Pleats, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Today is my birthday which means the story below gave me a laugh instead of the shits!

    This is a classic!

    Last year I bought an Rjays TSS flip-up helmet through eBay. The helmet has been great except the other day, the plastic latch that allows the front to be lifted, popped out of alignment. In looking at it, a small piece of the plastic guide has broken off so it still works (and latches shut thankfully) but you have to be gentle with it. If it was 5 years old I wouldn’t have even thought to get it looked at but it’s under a year old so I reckon it should last longer than that, anyway...

    I contact the seller via eBay and they were very helpful. They told me to post it to an address (which is the supplier’s warehouse) and they would fix it and send it back to me. No drama. I thought instead of posting it, I’d just run it out there myself. If I’m going to drive to the post office and pay money for postage I may as well go for a ride and deliver it myself (spare helmet strapped to the seat).

    I get to the warehouse and explain my story to the poor confused girl who answered the door. I even handed her my phone which had all the details on it so she could show whoever exactly what the deal was. After a few minutes, another guy comes down the stairs and this is where it gets good!

    “The best way to do it is to send it back to the person you bought it off and they’ll send it to us” - remember that I’m standing in the delivery door of the warehouse!
    “Um, but I’m right here with the helmet, can’t you just take it?”
    “No, it’s policy that it gets posted to us”
    “So I’ve got to go to a post office and have it sent to QLD so they can resend it back here to Sydney where it will be delivered right here in around 4 days time?”
    “You’ve got to be kidding me!”
    “Sorry mate, that’s the policy” - to be fair, he was being apologetic and polite.
    “Can I talk to somebody else because that doesn’t seem right, is your boss around?”
    “Yeeeaaaah, but he’s very busy and he wont have time for you” - not so polite now.
    “Have you got a number I can get him on?”
    “Nah, he’ll just say the same thing, it’s policy”
    “No worries, let me make some calls”

    So I ring the eBay store which happens to be Coastline BMW Motorrad in Caloundra and speak to the girl who was sending me the instructions via ebay message. She was awesome, totally got how stupid the whole situation was straight away and said she’d make some calls and get back to me. After around 15 minutes the news was all bad, the real manager of the warehouse was away and some other... um... guy (I don’t want to quote of context!) was ‘running’ the show.

    So the end of the story is that I headed off still with my helmet. After an hour, Coastline called back saying the had made some more calls and they would send me a brand new helmet! So all good for me! Not so good for the company I guess.

    I still cannot believe that they would have had me send the helmet all the way to QLD so they could post it back to exactly the same spot where I was standing having the conversation! Blowing my mind.

    So for a quick replacement part that would of cost all of $1, their stupid policy means I get a new $300 helmet.

    I have to give a rap to Coastline BMW. When I first contacted the eBay seller I was thinking it was a bit of a waste of time - no contact, where’s your receipt blah blah. It was the exact opposite, they were brilliant. The warehouse guys? No so much...

    Thanks for reading my long winded story!
  2. Dude thats awesome. Props to the BMW dealership. Should've gone away, come back with a bright yellow jacket and a postage stamp on the helmet :LOL:
  3. Funny you should mention that. When Coastline was talking to the boss she actually said "well maybe he's the courier? wink wink" and the warehouse dude was like "nah, we've seen him and he's not the courier!"

    'Hello, my name is mr courier man. I have never seen you before!'

    -thats funnier in my head with a Homer Simpson voice!-
  4. That's a classic story, and well told!

    Some people are so unreasonable It's just crazy.....congrats on the new lid after all the bs you went through!

    On a side note, my mate scored a brand new Technik leather jacket of the same style that he'd owned for a year and a half because they couldn't fix the zip (again a $1 part). Not as cool a story as yours but a good score non-the-less! Of all things, it was out of warranty....so technically (no pun intended lol) he shouldn't have got squat back. Lucky dude.
  5. Great Service by Coastline BMW
  6. if it ever happens again, just put in a box addressed to them with some stamps, a fake sent fron QLD sticker and leave it at their front door....
  7. What is funny is I was reading that in Homer's voice, then read the last line in your post, I lol'd.
  8. I've been dissapointed with Rjays products. They are the best fit for me (jackets actually fit the shoulders, gloves feel good, pants good), but the quality is a let down.

    If you get even just a few years from the new helmet you've had a win anyway so good for you!