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Replacement for the Hornet900 - CB1000R - wicked!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doonx, Nov 16, 2007.


    sounds awesome :grin:

  2. Latest I've heard is that the engine will make around 128hp.
  3. The exhaust pipes out of the engine are beautiful, but the rest looks like it belongs in a bad manga movie, (or the Transformers :LOL:).
  4. Love the wheels! :cool: :cool:
  5. love it. like a z1000 but much nicer styling (subjective of course)

    I reckon it will be out of my budget come end of next year though
  6. I drooled about this bike in a different thread

    but let's drool some more shall we?

  7. And I just bought a Benelli TNT DOH!!! I bet the Honda will land 10K cheaper, more reliable, better built and a better though less interesting ride. Styling is almost on par too..
  8. Yes tis indeed another transformer....but i like this new character :p
  9. it better have the full blade engine!
  10. Try reading properly once in a while, the engine, like all japanese nakeds, has been detuned. :roll:
  11. Oh, no. I shouldn't have clicked into this thread.

    Looks like another great hooligan bike. Saying no to '07 Z1000 was difficult enough . . . now this! :tantrum: