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Replacement for my PR3... {moved from general discussion}

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by Its the Pleats, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all, sorry about starting a boring tyre thread but hopefully somebody can give me a quick recommendation.

    My rear Michelin Pilot Road 3 is fairly worn after 11000km. Doesn't sound tooooo bad, I was hoping for a bit more life out of it but hey. The tread is still deep but it is flat on top and I can feel the bike ('09 Versys) starting to track a bit when riding slowly - kindda how my old F650 felt when the steering head bearing was shot.

    I mainly commute but do go on longish rides as often as I can. I don't push it through corners (as you could tell from the wear pattern!) as quick as others and actually quite enjoy straight tarmac.

    So, any recommendations on a tyre that has a harder compound in the centre? Maybe a cruiser style tyre that fits sport-tourers?

  2. Re: Replacement for my PR3...

    Bridgestone BT45s are dual compound - harder in the centre than on the edges.
  3. Thats what the sales pitch says about the PR3s. Meant to give long life in the centre and softer/better grip on the edges for cornering.

    Maybe i just need to lean it over more!
  4. Re: Replacement for my PR3...

    The BT45s certainly worked well for me, was usually down to the tread wear indicators (or below) before squaring off became much of an issue.

    That said I've never compared them with PR3s.
  5. Re: Replacement for my PR3...

    So you do a lot of riding in straight lines. Not picking on you. Just stating a fact. You've worn out the centre. 11,000 sounds about right. If you're happy with the tyre, just get a new one. Nothing else will improve the situation. It's just the nature of the beast. :)
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  6. Re: Replacement for my PR3...

    isn't it heartbreaking to see a squared off tyre. :(
  7. Fekinhell, spot on. Just wondering if anybody knew of a better 'straight line' tyre. Do you harley riders get squared off tyres when they're worn or do they keep their shape?
  8. Re: Replacement for my PR3...

    I used up a set of battleaxe BT056 and they did 18,640 Km's (Mostly Highway). I changed over to the Sportmax Roadsmart 2 and the guy installing them said I will get better and longer wear out of those tires, they are a duel compound. The Battleaxe aren't duel compound, and in no way am I recommending them, but depending on how you ride, I'm being told that all tires are pretty good now. I will say this, when I rode on the roadsmarts for the first time, I couldn't believe the difference. It was confidence inspiring. I wanted the Q2's, but the shop was out of my size, and I needed them changed that day. The Roadsmarts cost me 500 Installed at peter stevens.
  9. Re: Replacement for my PR3...

    If you have no need for sticky edges then browse the major brands and search their touring tyres rather than sports touring or road/track. As long as the same sizes are available in each. I have no experience in this but I assume they are harder, to last longer.
    11,000Km was pretty good (I got 8,000 from PR3), take comfort in knowing that if needed you have good grip on the edges.
  10. Re: Replacement for my PR3...

    Not really. Often just means a bike's been used to cover some serious distance, rather than just going back and forth along the same stretch of windy road every weekend.
  11. i love going back and forth on the same stretch of windy road!
    so do the IOMTT guys!

    touring on a sportbike :s
    you need a strong back
  12. Try a 250cc sportbike. ;)

    I did over 1,000kms on the GPX this weekend without any problems (and have managed 1,000kms in a day before) - so a few hundred on an R6 shouldn't be that difficult.
  13. Mate you might as well go for Bridgie 021's if straight line meandering is your go...........however, if you want some security in knowing you've got grip in the rain etc, stay with the PR3's.........that pretty good mileage for that type of tyre IMO

  14. Thanks for the replies, doing the ring around now...
  15. If anybody is interested I went with the BT23's. Apparently the BT56's are discontinued.

    $250, not fitted. I need to get a small flat spot straightened out so I took the new tyre and my rear wheel in to get fixed. The bloke will put the new tyre on for me.

    I'll post again in 11000km to compare the two!

    Thanks for your input everyone, see you at Philip Is and on the Snowy ride!