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replacement fairings

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by GuttedEwok, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all.

    Been looking at getting a new set of fairings for the bike (CBR600RR 2006), or getting my current set repaired. Dropped it a couple of times, picked up a big crack in the front fairing, others a little scratched up. Anyway, been looking on ebay....saw a few sets with hugely varying prices. Does anybody know what materials stock fairings generally come in? I saw a set of 'ABS Plastic' fairings, apparently brand new, for next to nothing ($10 current bid, $200 postage), but then another set, in fibreglass, ($400, similar postage). I'm tipping the cheap ones will be absolute shite, but does anybody know what the better materials for fairings are?
  2. Modern day machines generally use ABS.
  3. Fibreglass fairings are aftermarket. They are usually lighter and much easier to repair than plastic fairings.

    Since you have a 06' model I'd be looking for original plastic fairings that will fit perfectly cause a fibreglass set will probably decrease the value of your bike.
  4. yeah, not really too fussed about resale value. I'm going to pretty much do a full custom job on the bike which will destroy the value anyway. I'll custom spray any panels I get anyway, and I plan to keep the bike for a few years. Just can't understand why some stuff on there is so cheap and some stuff is so expensive. I looked at feedback from previous purchasers and they all seemed happy with both products....so yeah, confusing.
  5. When it comes to fairings theres a lot of difference in quality out in the market place.

    I'd stay away from the really cheap ones as they are probably paper-thin and rough quality. See if you can find some replacement original plastic fairings, heres a good link for you.

    Find A Part Australia