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Replacement bike for daily commute + weekend

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr_Ignorant, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. I currently have a VTR1000 Firestorm and i'm looking for a brand new bike to replace it as a daily commuter and weekend warrior. I love the power and sound of the V-twins and would prefer to stick with them if possible.

    My daily ride consists of 95% along the M2 (Sydney) for a 45km round trip and during weekend rides with my wife we cover approx 100km-200km. In total I would cover around 20,000km each year.

    I would like a full fairing bike to decrease the wind above 100km/h as I cop a lot more wind on the M2 than I do when riding the RS125.

    I am not brand loyal, I like some brands more than others however I am all ears. What I have done so far - I test rode a new ZX6R which was nice but I wasn’t really fond of the idea of having to really rev the bike to get it going. On weekends that wouldn’t bother me but on daily riding the instant power is what I rely on to get me out of sticky situations. I’ll hopefully ride a new ZX10R today to see how that compares to the 600cc. I’m planning on taking a Triumph 675 for a burn on Saturday and with some luck I can fit a new GSXR600 in on the same day.

    Is it crazy to consider a new 848 as a daily rider potentially covering 20,000km/yr? The reviews seem very positive on this bike and I have always wanted one to ride to the café and punce around on weekends LOL. My only concern is being able to sell the bike with 30-40kms on the clock. If I got one of these I would hope on a worst case scenario I could get $13k for it after 2 years. Any thoughts on that?
  2. If you can ride a Ducati 848 on a daily basis then your a luck bugger as it would be an absolute joy to ride. The question is if YOU want to be riding a expensivish bike every day and rack up soo many klm's over a short time. Your right about re-sale, it would be low, but my question is why buy a Ducati to get rid of in two years? :shock:
    What you must consider with italian bikes and in particular the one your after will cost you in Servicing..

    20,000klms a year.. Maybe someone on here can tell you how much you'll spend on servicing the bike as a major service would come in there i think. $$$$$

    Your probably better off sticking to a Japanese sportsbike, as they are cheaper to buy/service/parts etc and you cant go wrong with them.

    My 2 cents \:D/
  3. Buy it Ride it Enjoy it :grin:
  4. Try the vfr800 on for size, a vtwintwin :wink:
  5. Nooooooo ... keep the Storm!!!
    I've got one as well ... absolutely love that bike. Not the most powerful, fast or modern bike ... but I grin like a Cheshire cat everytime I'm on it :grin:
    18 months old and somewhere past the 42,000k service ... I think when a rebuild is required, I might think about something else ... if one of those numbnuts jap manufacturers decides to do the smart thing and brings out a new v-twin (not an SV fan ... great bike, just don't like the look) :)
  6. I bought my Ducati 900 SuperSport as a commuter. She did 110,000kms in less than 5 years before she was stolen a couple of months ago. If you like the bike, get it!

    We've replaced her with a KLR650 for commuting during the week and dirt fun on the weekends and some touring a bit later this year. It's economical, lacks in power and all the other things you get used to on a sports bike (long time sportsbike rider here :wink: ), but we have some seriously good fun on the weekends without fear of losing our licenses :evil: :evil: :evil:

    It's still good fun in the twisties. I still regularly pass sportsbike riders through the Spur and other twisty roads, just doesn't have the speed some people are looking for.