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replacement battery

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Biker Fred, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. where is best place in Melbourne to get a battery. Anyone heard of lithium motorbike batteries?

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    Motorcycle stores are surprisingly competitive in pricing for batteries. Battery World is another option. Its a franchise system I think so some stores are very knowledgeable and helpful other not so much.

    I have not had any long term experience with the Lithiums, one of the members here is running one on his CB450 restoration bike I know. They are lighter and smaller for the same energy levels.

    If you are on the Northern side of town http://www.batterystop.com.au/ has just opened up, they have Lithiums and standard motorcycle batteries. Haven't used the company though so I don't know what they are like.
  3. Yep thanks, been there before they are pretty good. I thought there might be a Netrider member in the battery game
  4. Try these guys.
    Bought 2 batteries from them. They're lithium-ion and should last more years and go through more winters than the standard lead-acid batteries.

    They weight less than half the weight and put out more than 1.5 times the CCA power. I've done multiple start-ups in the garage, in low temps. Worrying about the bike cranking up is a thing of the past for me.

    A bit dearer than lead-acid. To their credit, I've received both batteries within 3 days of placing the order.. and they're aussie owned too.
  5. Good one, i read a review on a mag on lithium battery and they were impressed.
    Just checked it out, will cost $289.00.
    Bit rich for me
  6. I have also bought a couple of Shorai batteries, about a year and a half ago.

    Both have performed well, so far.

    They are very light compared to old fashioned lead/acid and, when I left my bikes for three months, there was no dramas about restarting them.

    I bought mine from :- http://www.shoraipower.com/ and, when I got them, the Ozzie dollar was worth serious money, so they didn't seem that expensive.

    Delivery time was 4 and 5 days from the US.

    Are they indeed Ozzie owned?
  7. Yes sir..

    shoraipower.com - US
    shoraipower.com.au - NSW somewhere near Byron Bay. Speak to Michelle or Chris.
  8. i bought one on ebay not lithian it was a gel
    type , was cheap around $100 .
    that bike sat over 6 months and starts np
  9. Thanks guys, i will have to get my act into gear weekends coming up
  10. I've had one in my Daytona 675 for a couple of years now. Was less than $200 in Oz when I bought it. Very light, thought it was a joke when I first picked it up!
    Very happy with it. Holds its charge a lot longer (started first pop after bike sat there for 3 months - adds say it will last a year and still start).

    Ducati's Lead/acid Yuasa battery just died after only 2 years so just bought a shorai for that as well. As advertized, it does "crank" the engine faster for easier starting. I'm a convert to them! The weight saving is good and the fact that in a crash you don't need to worry about it leaking acid is great. Ideal for riders who do track days! If they last 10 years as the marketing suggests, its a lot cheaper than lead/acid as well.
  11. What bike was the battery for, Fred?

    I know that the "correct" battery for my Triumph was much cheaper than that, and, while slightly more expensive, the battery for my BMW was also a lot less than $289.

    Both required considerable packing being added to fill up the existing battery box.

    I did use their "find a battery" thingy, looking for a battery for a Gilera 180 Runner, and it came up with what looks like their top of the line $289 battery.

    I took the size from their spec sheet of the suggested battery, and it wouldn't fit in the Gilera's battery box, so I suspect their "find a battery" thingie has some problems, perhaps for more peculiar machines, and just defaults to the biggest they have handy.
  12. The battery is for Aprilia Falco V Twin 1000. Suggested Battery was supposed to be common type which would suit. Grouse bike. Even so I will probably go acid dont see me keeping it for another 10 years:)
  13. Ballistic lithium batteries, 8 cell is for something like 400cc-1000cc bikes weighs just under 800 grams 3 year warranty around $200 dollar mark
  14. Thanks Dylan