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Replacement Battery Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by acasta, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Looking for a battery for a CBR600RR.
    Where can I get a decent price, decent quality battery? The existing battery is a Katana YTX9-BS.

    I've googled this model, but I've found different brands ranging from $40 (ebay) to $200 and I have no idea what I should get.

    I'm in Northcote and commute to CBD.


  2. How long is your commute?
    Do you get out on longer rides on the weekend?
    Do you go out scratching on the weekend?
    Do you run extra electical load on the bike such as GPS, Phone charging, Heated grips etc?

    I ask the above because short commutes are often not enough to charge the battery fully, lots of stop start riding likewise. In those circumstances it may be worthwhile paying for a larger capacity battery?

    Scratching then maybe a lighter battery, AntiGravity Lithium batteries are popular with Sports bikes but you pay for that lightness.

    The Katana YT9 that's in it is a smaller capacity sports type battery. Yuasa is a good brand that generally gives faultless service. A bike shop is often surprisingly cheap for batteries.
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  3. Head up to Battery World in Fawkner.

    They should check your existing one and fit the new one for you too.
  4. Recommendations for a battery:

    1. Avoid using a truck battery, you'll ride high in the saddle with that one, it'll never go flat though...
    2. Avoid using a car battery - same reason.
    3. Lithium batteries are lighter, dearer, but will tolerate heavy discharge without affecting the battery's longevity (to a point)
    4. Standard lead acid (Yuasa brand etc....) are fine, and if you are not in the habit of letting your battery go flat, will last for years.
    5. Avoild AA batteries, yes, they are small and convenient, but useless for a bike.
    6. Avoid 9V batteries, because your bike is most likely 12V.
    7. .......nah....thats enough crapping on from me.......stick with 3. or 4. and you'll be fine.

    Cheers :p
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  5. I go the eBay cheap ones. I normally look around for one that is same size but more cca for the ktm as I only ride it every few weeks
  6. It's only about a 20min commute, 1 do a weekly 1 hour ride and rarely take it out on weekends.

    Apart form battery recommendations, is this bad for battery health?
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    Katana batteries are OK for lawn mowers (I've used them, but they are not great and I have a different brand in my ride-on mower now!). Yes, they are owned by Yuasa, but they are very much a budget battery (Made in China).

    Genuine Japanese Yuasa are great but you may need to mortgage the home. They are the original OEM battery in most bikes and it is not unreasonable to get 6 years from one.

    Another battery that is darn good is Deka (made in US of A). They are std equipment in Harleys and I had one in my 1200 Bandit and it was a good'en. Comparable to genuine Yuasa

    It all comes down to price and how long you want to keep the bike. If less than 2 years buy a cheapo, if more than 2 years buy something decent

    Battery World was mentioned earlier and I 2nd that.
  8. I have a MOTOBATT battery on the Farm quad.
    Bought 2 more for farm bike and for spotlight hunting.
    They get abused with low speed riding on the farm and frequent starting.
    Very happy with them.
  9. You wont get a long life out of a battery with that kind of pattern but you should get a couple of years. The problem is at idle speed there is not a solid charge happening. You need to get up to higher revs. If the traffic is stop start then it is even worse. I would think about a battery tender, it will improve your battery life.

    On the other hand mine is a weekender, usually 2 - 3 hour stints and then a repeat at cruising or scratching speed. My battery is over 10 years old and just getting a little cranky in winter now. Probably due for a replacement. It is a Yuasa. The main thing is though that it starts then gets a solid charge before needing to start again.
  10. I have Motobatt in my bikes
    Reasonable price and they last very well.
    They are glass matt so you can turn them upside down to get the last bit of charge out.
  11. rather than making new thread...

    any feedback on SSB XR dry cell batteries? eg

    have seen many poor reviews of motobatt, don't want spillable, and Yuasa MF are double the price.. (and Katana at SuperCrap is similar price to a proper Yuasa)
  12. if you are worried about not getting enough charge into the battery, get a little trickle charger (ctek, optimate) and put it on that at night.
  13. I haven't personally used them but any AGM battery should outperform a standard SLA or gel battery.
    If it's a good price I'd go for it.