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Replacement armour inserts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Fost3r, May 1, 2016.

  1. Hi guys bad girls

    I've got a problem I need help with my favourite motorcycle jackets armour has started to disintegrate and it needs replacing what does everyone recommend for replacement armour? Looked on the net but can't get much help.
  2. Got some D3O pads from Dririder, seems to be good and comfortable, try fleabay
  3. which jacket/brand?
  4. The jacket is a Joe rocket brand wanting to get some decent armour so I can just keep changing them into my next jacket when this jacket finally goes.

    Cheers rus ler I will do some research in to it.
  5. If you're in Sydney, we've got the latest CE protectors from SAS-TEC and KNOX in the shop. You can see what's most comfortable.
  6. I live in Qld comfort isn't my concern I'm looking for the best protection in your opinion what is the best brand?
  7. They're actually both very good suggestions for protection and comfort.... Both Sas-tec, Knox and D3o have level 1 & 2 protectors in their range. Forcefield is another good choice too. But, perhaps google these and see if whats available will fit your current jacket? As you know, they won't all be made to the same size and shape, despite the level of protection they meet.

    As a side note; being in QLD, some of the above mentioned armour is available ventilated (D3o definitely is), which might make it more comfortable for your local conditions (does not effect the protection level it meets though). Comfort should be a consideration though. Ever spent a day on your bike and had a piece of armour or clothing digging in? Unless you're doing very short rides or track days where you get to stop frequently and remove gear, comfort is an important role too as it causes distraction.

    Based on personal experience, buying from an AU distributer is less hassle (and cheaper) in the long run should you have to return or exchange it..
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  9. Both brands are highly reputable, you need to see what will fit best in the pockets that housed your old protectors. The Knox and Sas-Tec protectors can be seen at this link: OZMC Leathers

    If you're really looking for maximum protection, I would advise that you have a good look at the leather, stitching and fit of your JR jacket and make sure you're satisfied with that before buying new protectors.
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