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Replaced bars, now front brake seems less effective.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thermal, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. I've got an 09 Striple that needed new bars, so I swapped them out, put everything back on just as it came off. However, now when I grab a handful of front brake, it just isn't as responsive. I can pull the lever back further than before and with less effort. I have it set at the same grip distance from the throttle (fairly close), but I would never even get close to squeezing all the way in - which I now can do with relative ease.

    Any ideas on what's changed and what I can do to increase the braking performance again. It's adequate at the moment, but I'm a little concerned and would like to return it to its previous performance/feel.

  2. Sounds like it needs a good bleeding. Why, who knows, but that's where I'd be starting.
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  3. Did you, in the course of fiddling about, allow the master cylinder to go inverted or close enough to uncover the feed from the reservoir 'cos it sounds awfully like you've let air into the system.
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  4. You can gravity bleed bikes brakes...long as you keep an eye on the reservoir every half an hour or so. Just top the reservoir right up and crack the bleed nipple. Sit back, drink beer and play guitar for a few hours. No it's not quick way. Give it a final squeeze of the lever at the end and shut it all down.