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Replace stock head lights with Xenon HID

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Nucleotide, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows whether replacing stock head light bulbs with Xenon HID is legal or not?

    I'm looking at the ones listed here for my 06 CBR1K.

    I've done a quick search of the forum and VicRoads but can't seem to find anything. If it's been brought up before I apologise. Feel free to point me in the right direction if it's been mentioned before and close this thread.


  2. It's been brought up before and yes it is legal if you follow the correct guidelines according to the ADR's ie have them professionally fitted to comply.
  3. Thanks for confirming. I thought it might have been brought up before.

    It looks like the legality of them depends on a number of factors though according to the thread you linked too.

    If the above is true, I'm not sure if the CBR1K qualifies as I don't believe it 1) is designed for them and 2) it has reflector beam head lights.

    It appears to be a 50/50 topic - some says it's good, others not.

    Can anyone confirm the above?
  4. The pictures i have seen on the Internet of your bike (i havent seen one in real life) look like it is a reflector headlight. when you look into the light (globe off ofcourse) does it look like there are cracked lines going out from the globe (reflector) or is it a tube with a smooth polished wall (projector)?
  5. I've never paid any attention really but I just went out to the bike and they are just a clear tube globe. They look like these but clear.
  6. I've installed a HID xenon globe (with ballast etc) in my existing reflector headlamp of my F4i.

    They are much brighter than the halogen globes, but to be totally honest, I don't like them, because they simply glare too much for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, and the spread of light on the road is very scattered for the rider.

    I was in the city the other day and whilst stopped at the lights, a cop entering his vehicle gave me one of those "gee if I didn't have anywhere urgent to go right now, you'll be getting a talk about those glaring globes ...". I don't know if the straight halogen-globe-to-HID-globe replacement is illegal, especially for reflector style headlamps, but if they are illegal I can understand and sympathise why because the exposed HID globe is just too bright.

    I agree with sentiments that a projector lens style headlamps (like on my Mazda 3) could well be far more suited to a straight halogen-globe-to-HID-globe replacement.

    I'm waiting for the following "anti-glare" HID globes to appear on ebay - I believe they are intended to deal with the glare problems of a conventional exposed HID globe:


    Bottomline is, if you have projector style headlamps a HID option may well be OK legally, but I wouldn't risk it with a reflector style headlamp, unless an anti-glare HID globe is used - I will hopefully provide a user feedback on this soon when I get to buy one on ebay ... (if anyone wants to buy these anti glare globes in the meantime from the UK site, just PM me - we may be able to combine postage costs).
  7. The link shown looks like a con to me. Those aren't HID lights at all.

    PS. I fitted HID's to my Triumph (projector lens) and they're amazing.
  8. Totally agree - those are not real HID bulbs, just blue coated halogens, which can be awful because not only does the blue coating cut the light output, it's also a lot harder to pick out details of the road in the rain (my own experience).
  9. Isn't that what the OP is looking at though? His ebay link is just for 'Xenon bulbs' and not an actual HID kit (with a ballast)
  10. I suggest you spend some time setting up & aligning your headlights, HID have a different focal point & light spread to regular globes.

    Whether illegal or not, HID's are a great improvement over stock headlights & will ultimately benefit you, cos you can see better.

    Just make sure you adjust them correctly, no worries.
  11. +1 to what this man said :)
  12. Reflectors just scatter the light everywhere and are pretty much fixed on a sport bike. They don't really provide much adjustment either - that's why you need projects if you do get HIDs
  13. Did you fit yours yet ResmeN?

    Yes & no, reflector headlights still have up/down & left/right adjustments.
  14. Yes I did while bike was in for a service. Will post pics in the HID lights thread. Like you said the difference is day and night. Rode thru some twisty country roads last night where in some places I would normally use hi beam with the hids didn't even think about it. Thanks for your recommendations on the mob in WA and offer to fit.

    As for somebody saying it blinds oncoming traffic well I find that hard to believe as mine are 4300K and the bike has a single retro style H4 headlight. Some cars ave these hid lights in 6000 or 8000K and not to mention 2 of them. Now that might affect oncoming traffic.
  15. I've DEFINITELY adjusted my reflector headlights post HID .... :) .... like Kyon alluded, the required adjustments are quite limited ie. you can't change the HID globe focal point (unless you pull them in and out, which my kit HID globe can't ...).

    I'm about to buy the shorter anti-glare HID globes (once they have stock), I've read some reviews stating they reduced glare dramatically, not surprising since the shape of the globe is much closer to the halogen ones.

    But agree yes with MV - HID's are simply brighter and IMO smart if you're riding a lot in country roads, where scatter and glare may well be less of an issue than in the city.
  16. double post....
  17. No it's not, you shouldn't post stuff that you know nothing about, just because you "think" you know, look it up.

    pvda is right.

  18. I'm looking for 'real' quality HID light setup. Having never looked into them before I don't know really know what the HID lights look like. I'm definitely keen to find out about the real deal. I just assumed that the Xenon HIDs I've linked to was all that it was. I have a feeling I'm wrong.

    Please point me in the direction of a proper HID setup if possible for a CBR1K and I'd be greatly appreciated. :D

    I'd rather pay for the real deal and something that is of quality then some cheap and shitty import.
  19. I stand semi corrected, it's dependent on the original headlight and whether it is projector type or not (mine is)
    now go and introduce yourself in the welcome forums and tell us a little about yourself.
  20. 'Xenon look' bulbs are just a regular halogen bulb that has been coated with a blue film on the outside to imitate the look of 'true' HIDs. These bulbs usually make much less light than a proper HID system, and sometimes even less than that of your factory halogen. They also suffer from a really short life span (~6 months or so)

    I bought my HIDs from Kryptonbulbs.com - was about $50 delivered for a single bulb kit. Pretty much plug and play - take your old bulbs out, switch them with the HIDs and then plug in some wires and mount the ballast somewhere. The whole process shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes and there should be an install guide on 1000rr.net somewhere.

    You'll need to buy 2 kits to change both your low beams and high beam - I'd recommend against changing your high beams however. You'll lose the ability to flash since HIDs take a couple of seconds to 'warm up' and get bright. Your model also doesn't have projectors so you'll be scattering light everywhere like crazy.

    Link (Your CBR1000RR uses a H7 bulb):