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Replace one word in a movie title with the word shit

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Done it on facebook and got a shit load of laughs from some of the titles

    Planes, Trains and shit
    A fistful of shit
    I know what you shit last summer
    My big fat Greek shit
  2. Lock, stock and two smoking shits
  3. Shit of god
    A beautiful shit
    Picnic at hanging shit
    Mad shit 2
    2 girls 1 shit
  4. The Good, The Bad and the Shit
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  5. The Cook, the Thief, The wife and her Shit
  6. Metallica documentary
    Some Kind of Shit
  7. Four Weddings and a Shit
  8. The Dukes of Shit
  9. the kings shit
  10. Something about Shit
  11. waynes shit
  12. Indiana Jones and be Temple of Shit
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  13. shitrider
  14. lord of the shits
  15. 50 First Shits
  16. The Shit Strikes Back
  17. shit story
  18. From Russia With Shit