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Replace hoses based on time...

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by steve-waters, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    My 2011 is heading into the territory where Suzuki suggest to replace the fuel and brake hoses based on age.

    Does anyone do this?

    How do you know when to replace them?


  2. No. Replace as needed. Such as when they start to leak, or when hoses appear cracked or damaged. Seen plenty of 20 year old bikes with original hoses still working ok.

    Suzuki also says to replace all the brake internal rubber components every 4 years. Sometimes this may be required with the brake calliper seals if in a harsh corrosive environment, but generally not required until years later when the brakes start dragging.
    The master cylinder piston kit may last the life of the bike, but again might need replacing if external boot becomes torn & lever action is a bit notchy, but usually long after the 4 year mark.
  3. Never replaced hoses on any of my bikes in 30+ years of riding. Check them regularly and replace as required.
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  4. Folks - thanks for the replies and sorry for the delay.

    I was riding along yesterday feeling unloved then I thought maybe I forgot to subscribe to the thread - other forums I am on do it automatically.

    So cool cool all hoses look pretty good bike is kept in garage - although I do commute rain hail or shine but I am always cleaning the little ugly duckling. (Never buying black again)

  5. I've had my Bandit for 13 years - I've still got the original hoses. If they ever to need replacing I'll be going braided.
  6. I only replaced the brake lines on my '07 DL because I WANTED braided lines. There was nothing wrong with the originals, and they're in clean storage with the ends covered in case they even come in handy.
  7. After 13years you may not have noticed the very gradual degrade of the hoses, and might be surprised if you replaced them by the difference even with just standard rubber hoses.

    The idea is to get to them before they get that bad.

    OP - inspect and replace as necessary, but also consider there is more to the hose than just what you can see on the outside.

    Again with brake lines overtime you aren't going to notice the gradual decline in performance, until you got new lines and realise just how bad the old hoses were.

    The time frames laid out by the manufacturer are worst case scenario though, it assumes a harsh climate where the hoses are exposed to the elements 24/7.
  8. This is true.
  9. I think it's worth replacing fuel and vacuum lines every so often. a little bit of leakage can cause annoying performance issues and it might take you a long time to figure out what it is. For the cost and simplicity, it's not worth mucking around.

    Brake hoses? well they'll be either working or not, so it's more of a safety thing. 2011 is not old enough to be a real risk of failure IMO opinion, but of course that's your call.
  10. Thanks again will keep up my regular checking as I wash the bike every fortnight....good know for sure but I suspected as much.

    Interesting point about not really noticing the decline in braking until you replace with new. I am pretty close to replacing the brake lines to go braided just because I wanted to.

    Was almost hoping the answer was "without doubt" to make the sales pitch easier - I am pretty happy with my DRZ can not see myself moving it any time soon so thought braided might be a good investment.

  11. I personally consider braided lines an investment as they're far stronger and last much longer than regular lines. They don't swell like regular lines do, especially as they get old, and are more resistant to abrasion and impact. If your old lines aren't showing signs of deterioration though (soft lever that pulls right to the bars no matter how much you bleed them, cracks in the lines, bad rub marks etc) it's hard to say you "need" braided lines.
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