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Replace battery with different size

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Vertical C, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. The battery on my VT1100 went caput a month ago, so i replaced it with thesame size one. This was a huge old open cell battery.

    Because i think it was old stock, the bike has stopped again. I recharged it and its not holding charge. Definately the battery.

    So anyway i want to put a more modern battery in to get closed cell etc. The space is huge so i should be able to squeeze quite a few different batteries in.

    Obviously need to buy a 12v. Is there any other spec that i need? Like watts?

  2. Not watts but either Ampere/Hours or Cold Cranking Amps. Bigger the better. If you want to go high tech then Lithium batteries are starting to appear for bikes. Low weight, long life, long standing charge time if the bike is ridden infrequently. You pay a premium for them though.
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  3. Sure it's not the reg rec and it stuffed the new battery????
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  4. No, i thought that too, but the nrma started it for me, it was showing 13.3v at idle so i think that is ok. I meant to put that in the op but i forgot.
  5. Ok thanks, i will see what the bike shop says as i think it was always not holding charge, its an old bike, the battery is unusual as it was probably sitting around. I thought they wouldnt have a replacement and so wanted to see if i could just change it with something else.
  6. Rev the engine while measuring voltage it should be in the mid 14 volt range if it is charging ok.
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  7. I will have to get it started to do that unfortunately so cant do that at the moment.

    The other reason why I think its the battery is because i put it on charger overnight and it wouldnt start the bike still. That indicates that the battery is stuffed.
  8. U should see volts rise from idle
    Gel batt from ebay is the go
  9. It was 13.3 at idle and more (i didnt see how much) off idle when nrma started it for me on Saturday.

    Tanks for your helpall. I willget something similar
  10. i'll give you a jump start off the DR650 if you want :p
    big heavy bike like the VT1100... shouldn't be too hard to bump start once you get it rolling
  11. Any motorcycle cycle battery that's 12v and approx the same size as your old one will have enough CCA and Ahr's to run your bike....

    Just make sure you check the location of the terminals, different battery's might be the same size but have the terminals the other way round, and depending on how your battery is mounted and the lengths of your terminal cables, you can't just turn the battery around :)
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  12. yeah, but if its anything like a rc car battery (we run these now as they have an amazzing amount of charge to a small battery.... this is why an average rc set-up will now do 100km/h..... 4 years ago when i got into it, this was the mark, the equivalant of a 10 second pass down the 1/4 mile) it will need a special charger and has a tendancy to burst into flames. (the nature of the battery is that its unstable, its a trade off for more power)
  13. There has been a lot of work done on these for automotive use. You are right that overcharging can lead to fires which is why modern Lithium Ions are inherently self protecting. Shorai are probably the leader in this area at the moment. They have been designed with standard bike charging circuits in mind.

    One warning though if you have an external battery minder with a desulphation mode you should not use it.
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