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Repairs required for Blue slip

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by 6ixxer, May 1, 2006.

  1. I'm gona buy a bike from a dealer and it has run out of rego.

    The fork seals were busted and I said I won't buy it unless they're fixed. He said he would get it fixed and acted like it was a big favour he was doing.

    My question is, would he have had to fix them anyway to get a blue slip or was he genuine that he was doing it just to satisfy me?

    I want to be able to bargain a bit more but won't get far if he says the fork seals are a major undertaking for him. I want to trap him if it was a roadworthyness issue in the first place.

    Hope you can help me out on this one.

  2. Oh, and its my first bike cos i'm a learner so I don't know anything about what they check for blue slip, etc.
  3. mate
    I am in Vic
    and here a dealer cannot sell you a bike unless its roadworthy
    and I reckon the same applies in NSW
    so the seals?have to be fixed

  4. do broken seals make it legally unroadworthy and need to be repaired before blue slip or is it just advisable not to ride around with broken seals?

    I want to know if it was a legal obligation for him or whether it was a favour.

    Yes they have been fixed.
  5. Blue Slip which is not a write-off, all they end up checking is the lights work and the engine and frame number.

    There aren't any bike mechanics that do blue slip tests in Sydney that I know of because of the cost of the equipment, plus they are then required to do cars as well for blue slips. And car mechanics don't know zip about bikes.

    BTW, passing a blue slip/pink slip for a bike, is no indication in any way that the bike is safe to ride.
  6. When I bought my current bike the front seals were weeping so I agreed on a price as drive away no more to pay (in my mind thinking that if other stuff is not RWC they have to fix it) and left a deposit. Later when they were getting it roadworthy and tested (don't do it in shop, but at another shop) they found the rear shock was also gone (as well as numberplate light). They tried to get me to pay for some of it, but I argued I had already agreed on the total price and said if they don't do it for the same price I want the deposit back.

    In summary, at least in Vic I think suspension has to be working for RWC so shoudln't be considered a big favour given that if they want to sell the bike with rego they have to do it anyway.
  7. is it super cheap?

    i wouldnt buy a first bike unless it is in excellent running condition. otherwise, get an independant person to check it out first

  8. It isn't from a wreckers is it?

    A bike from a dealer has to be roadworthy which includes no oil leaks and I would have thought a minimum of three months rego. Which dealer is it? The bigger ones would surely get it fixed and give you rego without question.

    As Androo said, get an independent test done, might erode any savings you are banking on - but also find problems you might not yet now about.

    If you wanted an out of rego bike with blown fork seals - why go to a dealer, am sure there are plenty of bikes in the Trading Post like that
  9. Its from Action in parramatta. The bike is now in rego after being blue slipped and the fork seals are fixed.

    I have left them a deposit conditional on the bike being in good running condition when I come to pay the balance. They have also offered three months warranty.

    They fixed the leaking fuel c0ck as a roadworthyness issue but didn't say that the fork seals were a roadworthyness issue. It also had flooded carbs when they tried to demonstrate it to me and they have apparently drained it and its running and they've charged up the battery.

    I'll be going round on Thursday night or Saturday and if its not running nice i'll start picking at their price for not living up to the deal.

    Unfortunately I don't have and bike experienced friends to get advice from. As I don't have a license it will be going home on a trailor so won't be able to see hidden problems until I start riding in late may.
  10. Action are a big dealer. Don't know why they are selling a bike that doesn't start too well - surely a happy customer is their best form of advertisement.

    Glad you are getting some warranty and rego.
  11. Its a moot point now.
    Something else came up.
    I'm sure he'll be disappointed but i'll get over it.

    Oh, and for the record... I've been told it needed fixing for blue slip anyway.